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May 2018

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 Creation Club Ranting and Raving Thread

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PostSubject: Re: Creation Club Ranting and Raving Thread   Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:40 pm

@The Western Fox wrote:
I told as many people on the steam forums about the fact you can pirate the mods if you have a ba/ba2 archiver. I got a 3 day ban for the forums for Fo4, I'm just confused why it's 3 days and not a permanent one. (Note: I didn't pirate any mods, just saying that it was possible.). I'm going to post more threads like that one to see if the mods there will perma ban me.

Look, even peripheral discussions regarding IP are touchy at the very best, but I do think it's meet and right to point out the wretched way in which the poor betas were forced into downloading content they may have no intention of ever paying for, and letting them know of their options to retaliate against the big B. That said, I figure any quest for which the end goal is a permaban is likely to be a successful one, so perhaps you might want to think about your plans a bit more before you fully commit.

Your balls/brains ratio is weighted just enough in favor of cojones to merit a tip of the hat, but not without the proviso that you use a little more situational awareness in the future (i.e. IMO you've done nothing wrong, but you have to know any comments regarding "p" [particularly on smaller sites such as this one] will provoke the pucker-factor, so just be cognizant my dude).
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Club Ranting and Raving Thread   Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:15 pm

@EmiliaTan @The Western Fox So you guys brought up the concept of value. And I think that it is important to take into consideration. For example $4 for a gun is not really a great value per dollar. I feel that there should be a focus on weapon packs, which might seem more reasonable. But that much money for a gun or an armor is way too much. Same goes for the power armor paint, hell even the power armor itself. I can get the hellfire armor for free on the n e x u s and not be robbed. I don't think that negative rep was warranted. I do feel that Bethesda is taking the EA route and into the territory of microtransactions.

@WarDaddy I wouldn't say that bethesda sucks as a whole, but It is clear that upper management gave the green light for this very poor decision. Also there seems to be a focus on the mainstream gamer, which is a problem because you may get some dumber people who will buy anything, as well as dumbing down the deeper meaning of the story. And turning it into a action game instead of an in-depth role-playing game.

@Cruz011 Good point. There is no need for neg rep over an opinion. Which this is an opinion thread.

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PostSubject: Re: Creation Club Ranting and Raving Thread   Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:30 pm


Now I'm not justifying the neg rep, but there's a fine line between having an opinion and spamming nonsensical biased drivel that pollutes the community and goes off topic, which you being the OP of the thread should encourage others to NOT go off-topic and focus on the topic at hand, something which posting typical "NV is better than anything else ever" nonsense is not. If I started a topic based on Creation Club and paid mods I don't expect people to post biased graphs about how Fallout 3/4 was mediocre. It's completely off-topic and thus I believe the neg rep wasn't exactly justified, but necessary.

Like you said, this IS an opinion thread, but it's opinions on Creation Club, not the typical Obsidian V Bethesda debate circlejerk. So as much as I condemn downvoting opinions, there's a time and a place and I don't think the downvote was necessarily because of the opinion. To follow up from that, I think people should condemn going off-topic as much as they can, and that's why I didn't exactly the motive of some of the downvotes and assumed it was retaliation for calling the graph out for it's clear bias. Maybe I shouldn't have assumed as much, but the point still stands.

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PostSubject: Re: Creation Club Ranting and Raving Thread   

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Creation Club Ranting and Raving Thread

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