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March 2021


 FO3, FNV, and TTW

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FO3, FNV, and TTW Empty
PostSubject: FO3, FNV, and TTW   FO3, FNV, and TTW EmptyMon Aug 07, 2017 1:55 pm

Hey all,

I am finally delving into the world of TTW. I am wondering- can I play TTW and keep texture mods on that only affected a texture in FO3? Sorry for being so late to the game....but I am just curious. Also, I keep keep mods on that are only for F03/FNV, right? I have done a clean install and...*gulp*, uninstalled all mods.... Sad
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FO3, FNV, and TTW Empty
PostSubject: Re: FO3, FNV, and TTW   FO3, FNV, and TTW EmptyMon Aug 07, 2017 3:57 pm

@"GoofyGoo6er" Hey there, by my understanding (my understanding probably isn’t too good but I have some with TTW) I think you can have separate textures for FO3 and NNV, I’m pretty sure that there is a cross between certain textures though so those may overlap but if it’s for a creature that’s only in one of the games for example then I would say you can, What texture would it be? Or is it just a bunch of textures? And generally for TTW its best to find mods that are compatible with both FO3 and FNV (like EVE for example) But I think you can have game specific mods also, Like special armours or weapons in Goodsprings as another example. I would check though before every mod you install to see if It has any conflicts with TTW, it will probably say on the mod page or if you look at the user comments there may be someone there asking.

Hopefully i haven't gotten something wrong as I haven’t touched TTW in a while now but regarding mods its best to find ones that have TTW compatibility because some large gameplay mods can have an effect on both games, or even some smaller ones actually. Hopefully I’ve helped in some way.
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FO3, FNV, and TTW Empty
PostSubject: Re: FO3, FNV, and TTW   FO3, FNV, and TTW EmptyMon Aug 07, 2017 5:41 pm

Only new vegas mods work with ttw. Vanilla fallout 3 mods will crash the game I believe, on start up. It has to be a mod converted to fallout new vegas, more so, the new vegas mod TTW.
Which isn't that bad, since there's like...
A zillion million mods that patches fallout 3 quest/whatever mods/new vegas mods that might affect the gameplay to be compatible with ttw.
Just look up TTW *insert name of f3 mod, or major gameplay mod that affects perks and the pipboy here* patch
And you should, keyword should, be able to find something.
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FO3, FNV, and TTW Empty
PostSubject: Re: FO3, FNV, and TTW   FO3, FNV, and TTW Empty

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FO3, FNV, and TTW

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