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June 2018

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 Taking Fallout Back in Time

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PostSubject: Taking Fallout Back in Time    Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:38 am

So we all know that it was 200+ years since the bombs dropped in fallout. And some of the older fallout games took place around 100+ years after. As the franchise aged, the time period did too. Now we are 200+ years after the bombs fell and society has (arguably) began to rebuild.

What do you guys think about having the next fallout game take place maybe 40 years after, or maybe right after the great war. I know some mods like Frost recreated this feeling, but what if Bethesda took this on. Would it be a good idea, bad idea, what are some good and bad points about having a fallout game that is ~40 or so years after the apocalypse. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Gritty and torn up world. This would be the first generation to be born in the wasteland
2. An point might be put on location. Heavy destruction and chaos, more than that of any other fallout game.
3. It would be a VERY post apocalyptic feel. Along the lines of Mad Max.

just some thoughts Smile

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Taking Fallout Back in Time

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