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July 2018

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 (FNV) Mods that make FNV more like FO4?

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PostSubject: (FNV) Mods that make FNV more like FO4?   Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:44 am

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Like most people on this forum, I love Fallout: New Vegas. Though, i have to admit, it is showing its age and, more appropriately, the overly short development time it had. So i was just wondering if there were any mods that could bring it up to speed with Bethesda's latest bowl movement, Fallout 4.

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PostSubject: Re: (FNV) Mods that make FNV more like FO4?   Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:00 am

Like Fallout 4 ?
Well it kinda depends what you mostly want it to be like FO4

if you want to somehow spice up the gun play
There is your Usual Project Nevada that does mess with the DM of weapons
Real Recoil that does make the weapons somewhat pack a punch
Animation Project makes the game more erm Animated to say the Least
Project Lazarous adds the rad meter close to your HP bar and a bit more
FO4 Hud if you want a FO4 hud
Updates From the Commonwealth adds FO4 models from FO4 but you need a rank
an ENB for visuals dont know any other mod to add more than that
There is also Commonwealth Surpluse that adds FO4 weapons but again you need a rank [I think]
Theres a Companion called Lunette that has a Companion system like FO4
there were a few Vault suit replacers on here think they were public
Theres also FO4 power armor mods but one did need a rank while the other did not
Look on the Gun network thoe , if all else fails just make something yourself
porting aint to bad you just need 1 week to learn it properly and another to learn to rig
and bam you got FO4 models in FNV

Thats all that comes to mind lad maybe the rest of gun knows more

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PostSubject: Re: (FNV) Mods that make FNV more like FO4?   Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:26 am

Like @alexmercer984 said there are a lot of texture mods to make it a bit more like fallout 4.

Most of the ones I use myself are made by the modder Dragbody.
I suggest finding his name somewhere in the public armour domain and then find his posted topics.
And then basically just click on all his public stuff.
His newest Brotherhood reforged makes most of the New Vegas brotherhood armours into the fallout 4 counterparts. It also makes npc's more reconizable.
And combine those with the rest that Alex provided you should be golden.

I'm even gonna check out some of the mods he mentioned myself.

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PostSubject: Re: (FNV) Mods that make FNV more like FO4?   Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:18 am

These are the mods that I believe can turn FNV into a somewhat FO4. I don't play NV anymore as I've gotten sick of going to the same places over and over again. I love dragbody's work and I don't have to lie to you about it because his mods really are the sickest ones around, but for the sake of consistency throughout the NPCs in-game, armors, and lore, I chose New Vegas Redesigned.

Another thing to note, if you are looking to make FNV as action-oriented as possible like how FO4 is, its gonna be a bit of experimenting from this point on. FNV doesn't handle big amount of NPCs too well and this issue increases when you keep installing high resolution environment mods like OJO Bueno, NMC Large, etc.

Last note, I don't advise using save managers anymore because first, it takes up space in your load order and next is manual saving of the game prevents save file corruption better than having a save manager like CASM doing the work for you.

I don't play FNV anymore and I don't think I will for a long long time, but I can assure you that most of the mods and things I've said here are all based from experience and not just some data gathering. Have fun and happy modding!  Thumbs Up


EDIT: I forgot to mention Immersive Recoil. This mod uses your stats in-game to compute for the amount of recoil you'll get per weapon. So if you plan to use the AMR early on....oh well Smile
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PostSubject: Re: (FNV) Mods that make FNV more like FO4?   

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(FNV) Mods that make FNV more like FO4?

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