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December 2019


 [FNV][Scripting] Equipping a weapon without animation?

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[FNV][Scripting] Equipping a weapon without animation? Empty
PostSubject: [FNV][Scripting] Equipping a weapon without animation?   [FNV][Scripting] Equipping a weapon without animation? EmptyTue May 23, 2017 4:49 pm

I'm looking into incorporating an underslung grenade launcher into a new weapon mod for a bit of colour, I think I have a good idea as to how it would work, essentially, the player can bind a key that, when pressed, would run a check for what weapon they had equipped, and if they have the one with the grenade launcher added it would equip a separate, custom weapon in the geck that has the same model as the original but uses grenades and has different projectile and sighting nodes, etc. The only problem I can't seem to figure out is how to set it so that no equip/unequip animations are played between the switching off the weapons, as it really breaks the flow/point of an underslung weapon. Any help would be appreciated, thanks for reading! Smile
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[FNV][Scripting] Equipping a weapon without animation?

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