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 Cool Things You Saw NPC AI Do?

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PostSubject: Cool Things You Saw NPC AI Do?   Cool Things You Saw NPC AI Do? EmptyFri May 19, 2017 1:38 pm

The AI in Fallout can be... special at times, for better or worse. They can do something that is considerably badass or smart, or do something that is retarded. I want to talk about the cool things the AI does in Fallout. One moment that really surprised me was when I was doing the early parts of the BoS quest in FNV. I was at the part where I had to convince Ranger Dobson to leave his current camp. Just to let you know, Dobson was outside his camp since he was scouting out the Correctional Facility. After I convinced him to leave, I was on my way back to the bunker. As I was going back, I heard gunfire. I remembered that Powder Gangers had a camp at the entrance to Hidden Valley and obviously, NCR and Powder Gangers hate each other's guts. When I turned around, Ranger Dobson was mowing all of the Powder Gangers all by himself! He got multiple headshots too! And there were like four or five of them! He held his ground while the Powder Gangers were ganging up on him. After he killed all the Powder Gangers, he walked on back to his camp, probably to pack up.  It was like a scene straight out of a movie! They weren't lying when they said that the Rangers were a one man squad. What cool things you saw the NPC AI do?

EDIT: This is a shot I took of the aftermath of the gunfight. As you can see, Ranger Dobson swatted them all like flies. Sniper


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Cool Things You Saw NPC AI Do? CULfnMuB_o
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Niik Havod

Niik Havod

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PostSubject: Re: Cool Things You Saw NPC AI Do?   Cool Things You Saw NPC AI Do? EmptySat May 20, 2017 5:00 am

I guess I had a rather similar experience while exploring the capital wasteland in Fallout 3. This is an encounter I had during one of my first playthroughs of the game so I was quite impressed. As most probably know, you can sometimes run into a small band of Brotherhood Outcast soldiers roaming the wastes. This time however, while I was searching for loot, I encountered a gunfight between heavily armed raiders and the Brotherhood Outcasts who all ended up dying except for one who was carrying a Laser Rifle. Being a low level, I of course decided I would benefit more to just hide and wait the fight out then finish off who ever was left. Also, I was generally curious to see if the last remaining Outcast soldier would be able to survive alone with just the Laser Rifle. To be honest, I did not have a lot of confidence in him as he already had taken a lot of damage from a couple of grenades that the raiders had threw. To my surprise, he kept on pushing, killing a raider each step of the way until they were all dead. When I walked up to him, his health bar was incredibly low and I debated whether I should just finish him off so I can take his loot. Needless to say, I spared him as he put up quite an entertaining show for me to watch and he earned it!
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Cool Things You Saw NPC AI Do?

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