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August 2018

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 The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit

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Commander Wolffe


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PostSubject: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Wed May 10, 2017 7:16 pm

Hello there ladies & gentleman and welcome once again to The GUN Insider. I am back to bring you another interview from one of our wonderful members of our community. An interview that will blow the last one away, speaking for myself. The man is more famous than we would’ve thought to be and is one heck of a jack of all trades. The man I am speaking of is none other than @TheHermit himself.

WL: So what can you tell about yourself?

TH: More often than not, I’m generally unsure as to how to answer this question in a comprehensive way, but I’ll give it a go…

I was born and bred in Nottingham, England, 1985.
I did fairly well at school and went on to study ICT and music at college and subsequently, philosophy, psychology and economics at university – never being satisfied with just one or two subjects and having a passion for many different things.

I consider myself a well-rounded individual with over 15 years of working in very different environments from teaching to organic farming.

I’m a bit of a book collector and among my collection I own a dozen or so (need I say expensive) antiquarian books based on alchemy and occultism. I tend to read books of historical, occult, political, philosophical, archaeological and mythological content – you know, that dreary, verbose stuff which most people find difficult or ‘too deep’ to read, heh!

Although I was brought up Protestant Christian, life experiences have changed my views quite considerably. These days I consider myself an apatheist or rather, an apathetic agnostic. I add to this a pinch of paganism (and I don’t mean that new age Wicca tripe either!)

Much in the same way I don’t subscribe to either side of the deity question (i.e. Theism or Atheism – I find both sides tiresome and old-hat), my political beliefs, for those that care, are just as defiant as my philosophical beliefs. I cannot stand the please all, altruistic mentality of nowadays politics. I’m pretty old school in the traditional sense and believe in cold rationality and hard facts. I’m not for big government. I see the left and right as, in the grand scheme of things, going in the same done-to-death direction – very little difference between them. There’s too much of a cult of personality among people as well and, trying as hard as I am to not go off on an incoherent and belligerent tangent, I’m tired of seeing us repeat mistakes we should’ve learned years ago! Collectivism and the trendy obsession with identity politics being a few of those mistakes.

I remember when I was a kid, seeing all of the issues in the world, war never changing, et cetera, where I thought, “this whole damn world would be a lot better if people of all stripes, colours and creeds just left each other the fuck alone – we have a country for the multiculturalists, a country for the nationalists, a country for the pinkos, a country for the snowflakes, a country for those that don’t wish to work, a country for those that want to larp around in the cosplay gear, a country for each of all those in-between and so on and so forth – only common law each group has to abide by is live and let live – leave each other the hell alone” – united in solidarity you might say, ha! I feel that, without maintaining some essential diversity, something we find throughout nature, the world will become increasingly drab, standardised and monotonous.

In summary, I’m not great at parties

WL: Is there something you can tell us about your heritage?

TH: I’m of extremely mixed heritage – whether it’s been a burden or a blessing, I’ve yet to decide.
Although I was born in England and although a good portion of my heritage is straight up English, I have Irish, Swedish (specifically Gotland), Finnish on my mother’s side and Peruvian, Panamanian, Scottish, Hopi and some West Indian on my father’s side. My mother has studied our genealogy for many years and so I’ve learnt more and more about it with the passage of time.

I personally find it exciting to learn about your ancestors, to respect the legacy that gave us birth instead of denouncing and squandering all we have inherited. Though I’ve turned this simple question into another emotionally (maybe philosophically?) charged response, I find people just don’t care much for their heritage or where they’ve come from these days. It’s a sad consequence of modernity. Anyway, moving on…

WL: So what's your day job and what's the most interesting day you've had since you've worked there?

TH: I currently work two jobs. One as a freelance transcriber, transcribing audio and video (similar to YouTube captioning) as per client’s request, and my main job, which is less of a day job and more of a night job, is a Doorman (better known as bouncer) of a so-called alternative nightclub.

There’s never a dull moment as a doorman. It’s part infuriating, part rewarding and part testosterone boosting at the same time. The most interesting day was probably when a girl took a shit on the dance floor (classy, huh?), another girl had a seizure, but wasn’t epileptic (despite 3 of the doorman being well-versed in first aid, several customers felt the need to be the white knight and tell us they’re doctors and that ‘we’re doing it all wrong’ – like we’re going to listen to drunken muppets that don’t know their ass from their elbow), and 2 huge fights started to which 4 doormen including myself, had to take on 10 guys. Good fun and not a single one of those intoxicated cretins landed a punch on me! Ha! All that in one night and this is a typical shift.

At work, the regulars call me ‘the prettiest bouncer’, or simply, Khal Drogo too. A lot of fist bumps to be had. Yeah, it’s fun most days, good pay, and well worth the hassle. I tell you though, I’m worried about the younger generation. I feel like I’m dealing with school children half the time, ha! …to think, my grandfather was managing a factory at the age of 14 and my great-great grandfathers were sailing the seas at even younger than 18. Meanwhile, in 2017, 25 year olds are achieving nothing with their lives and getting trashed out of their skulls 4 days a week because they feel so hard done by, when ironically, things are objectively better than they’ve ever been. Ah, humans…

WL: We are well aware of your mods portfolio, but would you like to highlight your favorite releases?

TH: Damn! You make it sound as though I’m a well-known modder with a huge portfolio under my belt, ha!

To date, I’ve released 4 mods on the Nexus and, I think, 2, maybe 3 on GUN. Not to be too modest, but I don’t consider them note-worthy in the grand scheme of things. Most of the mods have been small, for example, Ride of the ValkED-E and Slightly Less Annoying Cazador Poison Sound and Audio Fix were simple sound replacers. I made a FO4-type font replacer – again, simple stuff. I’ve made quite a number of personal mods over the years, and script fixes to mods like Skyrim’s Immersive Armors. I also assisted Jaxonz with her Jaxonz Furnishings mod for Skyrim by helping her to establish values, weights, and sounds of Skyrim furniture and containers. I’ve help Dragbody a tiny bit with the FO4 power armor and Upgrades mod with PA sizing and replacer sounds. And the other contributions I can think of are voice acting and audio management for both New Vegas Redesigned and The Frontier, Respectively. The mod I’m probably most known for is the COBALT & RUST ENBs. They were made a couple of years back and are now in the top 10 most endorsed ENBs on the FNV Nexus.

WL: Do you plan on making more mods in the future?

TH: Indeed, I do.
In the pipeline, I still have Mallory. The reason this has taken so stupidly long is because of those damn voice actresses. Unprofessional. Uncommitted. I pay them as well. So yeah, this crap pisses me off a lot. I’ve been through 4 VAs now.

It bothers me a great deal because I see other modders releasing something almost every other month. Meanwhile, I’ve still yet to release a simple companion mod, even if she does have close to 2000 lines of dialogue. It shouldn’t have taken this long. Anyway, Mallory is still in the works. I have a new VA in mind, but I’ll need to put some money by before hiring her. A release this year I bloody well hope!

Whilst on the subject of ‘hope’, I’m also hoping me and Dragbody can work on a mod in future that brings Mutant Behemoths into the Mojave with a monster bounty hunter system similar to the Witcher. Ingredients need to be gathered for each battle, monsters have unique abilities and defences. A cross between NVBounties and Witcher, you might say. We’ve spoken about it, so hopefully (there’s that word again) it doesn’t just remain a conception, but is brought into actuality.

WL: Besides mods, you've also done a lot of gaming videos. What inspired you to start a YouTube account?

TH: Really, it’s down to having an enduring propensity for being creative. In fact, I’d go as far to say that if you’re not being creative, you’re not living.

Not to turn what should be simple response into yet another navel-gazing piece, but I’ve always been this way. I went through a phase of drawing and painting as a child. In time, that creative drive was applied to graphic design, music, writing and now video editing. I’ve got to have a project – a purpose – an outlet of expression. Today it’s making videos for some of my favourite mods. In future, I plan to drop modding and gaming in general and focus solely on music again. Incidentally, I even plan to write a book for children one day.

So, it must be said, I didn’t really start a YouTube account because MxR or Gopher did. Those guys are doing it for a living. I did it for my own gratification if anything.

WL: Is there anything you could recommend for people wanting to start their own channel?

TH: Honestly, it depends why the want to start their own. If it’s to make money and be famous then I’m not the person they should be asking. After all, I only have about 350 subs, ha! What would be the point in listening to me? Heh heh!

The only thing I would say is that you shouldn’t just start one for the sake of starting one. Do it if there is some substance behind it. Make a plan and end goal. Do it only if you’re passionate about it. Otherwise, spend your time on something more fruitful. *shrugs*

WL: Are there any specific programs you use in either modding or video-making?

TH: Nothing obscure.

Most of my mods are made using xEdit, however, I’ve learnt a few more things this year from a co-modder and I’ve dipped my toes into the GECK a bit. I just hate its instability.

Video making: mainly Sony Vegas Pro 12, Photoshop CS5, audacity, DxTory, FrameSever and MeGUI.

Oh, and attention to detail.

WL: What type of music inspires you?

TH: Really, any music that evokes sincerity, and strong energy and I find these attributes are far less common in mainstream music than they are in underground music.

My favourite band/group of all time is Dead Can Dance.
Two of my favourite songs from this group are worth a listen:

The Host of Seraphim:


Lyrics to the above:

the birds of leaving call to us
yet here we stand
endowed with the fear of flight

the winds of change consume the land
while we remain
in the shadow of summers now past

When all the leaves have fallen
and turned to dust
will we remain
entrenched within our ways?

the plague what moves throughout this land
Omen signs
in the shapes of things to come.

I can’t stand anything like dubstep, rap, hip-hop, hipster stuff, or whatever it is the younger generation are listening to in the night club I work at.

WL: Do you happen to play any instruments yourself?

TH: I play keyboards, Synthesisers etc. I’ve also been in several metal bands and toured Europe

WL: So how did you end up joining some metal bands and what made you not become a full-time musician?

TH: When I studied music at college, I formed a band that got a little recognition outside of college. Back in 2005, a close friend of mine had formed a band named Wodensthrone He wanted me to join his band and play keyboards. That all went ahead and we got well known within the UK black metal scene pretty quickly and got signed to a well-known label within the scene named candlelight.
I left around early 2009 due to differences with certain members and disagreements on the direction of the band. In 2010 I joined a similar band named Fen that were closely link to my last band.

Only they were based in the south of England. Whilst we're not talking Metallica big, I have been interviews in magazines and zines. We were paid to record our album in Romania, Merch was bought, we received royalties etc. It was on a professional level in a sense, just not mainstream.
I left Fen in 2012, again due to differences. I Loved the music but touring for 2 months with 3 other guys, it can put a strain on things. Me and the drummer left at the same time and they got a new drummer but found it difficult to replace me. They're still going strong playing in Europe, the US and Russia. I still receive royalties and get on the guest list often.

WL: Lastly, is there any advice you want to give to the people of the community?

TH: Be a better version of yourself.
Life is short, we cannot squander or small time here.
Don't expect to achieve everything - that's unrealistic

But do what you can to leave a mark

Well there you have it folks, you never know people until you take the time and have a conversation with them. Or in your case read an interview about them. I hope you enjoyed reading this as, I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for taking the time and stay tuned for another issue of The GUN Insider!

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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Fri May 12, 2017 2:53 pm

What an awesome interview! People not reading this are missing out!

I'm happy and grateful to know more of him! Hugging
I had no idea he was in a professional metal band with record label contract and everything.
Now I understand why he was here in Romania a few years ago Very Happy A shame we didn't know each other well enough, I would've come and partied with you haha Very Happy

Also very cool lineage. One of the most fascinating I've read.

Thank you for your consistent interviews, @William Lionheart cheers
Keep up the good work

Best wishes to all!
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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Fri May 12, 2017 3:24 pm

Wow jack of all trades indeed! Musician, writer, modder, what can't you doTheHermit?!
This interview was real deep and enjoyable to read. I found myself agreeing with the political views and the different takes on the type of books you collect are really something I am interested in as well.
Hopefully Mallory will get a dedicated VA and would love to see you and Dragbody do the Monster Hunter Mod together. Another awesome interview! Thanks William Lionheart for another great one!

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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Sat May 13, 2017 1:22 pm

Another great interview @William Lionheart , thanks for putting these up buddy, as always great work!

Lots of interesting stuff in this interview. That antique books collection of yours @TheHermit seems freaking cool, I'd love to take a close look at those kind of books one day. And, damn, that nightclub anecdote is insane! Thanks for giving me one more reason to not go to nightclubs anymore hehe!
Never been too much into Black Metal myself, to be honest it's not my favorite Heavy metal/ metal subgenre, but I do like to listen to some, occasionally, and hell, having been in Wodensthrone, and getting signed to Candlelight records is quite the achievement! Also, I had never heard of Dead can Dance before, but the two tracks you shared are geat, I really like it and will definitely listen to the rest of their music. Finally, I wish you good luck with finishing the Mallory companion mod and hope for you that you'll get the voice acting done.
Anyways, like I said, really interesting interview! Will eagerly wait for the next one. Great work ! Thumbs Up

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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Sat May 13, 2017 8:10 pm

This was fun to read, I love seeing other peoples point of view on stuff. Good luck with the mods @TheHermit I'm sure they will be great!
And good interview @William Lionheart!

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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Sun May 14, 2017 2:35 am

It's always nice having someone talk about their life experiences and what they're different viewpoints on the world are. Also @TheHermit, thank you for your contribution towards the modding community.
Great work on the interview @William Lionheart!

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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Sun May 14, 2017 9:07 am

Excellent work it is always a pleasure to learn to know a little more intimately the person of the site and especially the anecdotes!

I definitely like your advice @TheHermit. Thumbs Up
Thank you @William Lionheart.

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Commander Wolffe


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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Wed May 17, 2017 5:07 pm

Well glad to see you folks enjoyed reading the interview as I had enjoyed my time talking to @TheHermit. Many thanks again to him and to @Keatit71 for fixing the spelling error's in the interview.

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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   Fri May 19, 2017 4:05 pm

So I saw this in sticky's and since The Hermit may have had something to do with me getting promoted here I decided to check it out.

And holy hell I did not expect this to be as fun to read as it was.

I also decided to do a small bit of research to aquire that cheeky face reveal from by going through the metal bands.
I could be totally wrong but is the guy playing the keyboards on the fen wikipedia link you?
Probably is because another live footage video I found was from that same performance in 2011.

Anyways I am probably gonna read more interviews from Lionheart if they are as interresting as this one.

"You're never too young to have a Vietnam flashback"

-Julius Caesar

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PostSubject: Re: The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit   

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The GUN Insider: Finding the elusive Hermit

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