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 Bethesda Mod Release Hypothetical

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Bethesda Mod Release Hypothetical Empty
PostSubject: Bethesda Mod Release Hypothetical   Bethesda Mod Release Hypothetical EmptyWed May 03, 2017 11:28 pm

Not sure if this should go in general discussions or modding discussions.

I feel sorry for console players missing out on some of the most epic quests and companions in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games because they can't have mods. What mod (or mod series) for each Fallout and Elder Scrolls game would you like to see Bethesda release as a DLC for consoles? A few restrictions for this, while Bethesda would do any scripting modifications necessary to make a Script Extender mod work with console (or modify the engine to include the functions necessary), Bethesda would not otherwise change the mod. They wouldn't add voice acting, or fix bugs.

For me, it would be
Oblivion: Heart of the Dead. It is close between this, Knights Of The Nine Revelation, and The Lost Spires, as they all have full voice acting and are relatively bug free, but I love the epic quality of HotD, as well as its connections to Morrowind lore.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Crew. I know it isn't finished, but what is there is beautiful and epic, and Bethesda could use the cliffhanger as a set up for a future Fallout spinoff that takes place during the midwest TSC vs Brotherhood war.

Fallout New Vegas: Someguy Series. Nothing else is even close for me, and with the exception of The Frontier, nothing ever will be. The series is funny, epic, lore friendly, and I feel genuinely sorry that console players will never experience it outside of watching playthroughs online. As a side note, I would love to see Bethesda work with the developers and release TTW as a game (especially if they could release it as a 64 bit game), but that is more of a separate game than DLC type thing.

Skyrim: Interesting NPCs, once Vigilant's English translation has voice acting, or Apotheosis is released, they may replace it, but for right now, Interesting NPCs integrates beautifully, and is an epic and entertaining experience.

I'm curious what other people think.
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Bethesda Mod Release Hypothetical

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