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July 2018

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 Theory on the next fallout locations With evidence!

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PostSubject: Theory on the next fallout locations With evidence!   Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:07 am

Okay, so i have had this theory in the back of my head ever since fallout 4s release back in late 2015; but i have had no one to share it with untill now. So here is how the theory goes, in fallout 4 a new feature was released as to were you can play mini games on your pipboy in the game. one of these games are called  Atomic Command, in this game it depicts many different locations which can be shown in the picture below.

As seen there are 8 locations, the first one seems to be the golden gate bridge which is in San Francisco, the second appears to be The space needle which is located in Seattle, the third, of course is Vegas which has already been chosen for the location of a fallout game so its safe to rule that one out, the forth is Mount rush more which is located in south Dakota,the fifth is the custom house tower which is located in Boston and since fallout 4 was located in boston we can also rule this location out also, the sixth is the gateway Arch which is located in St.Louis, the seventh is a few different monuments and locations of Washington DC so since fallout 3 was set in DC this location can also be ruled out, and last is the statue of liberty which is in New York.

So assuming that the locations shown will be the primary locations for the next fallout and that three of these locations are ruled out that leaves us with San Francisco, Seattle, South Dakota, St. Louis, And New York. And although i dont believe any of the older Fallouts before fallout three are in these locations im disregarding them completely due to most recent gamer not playing them, im also disregarding any dlc due to them not being full games. So, we now have 5 likely locations for "fallout 5" but im mainly going to be focusing on two and you can research the others if you'd like. The two im looking over are San Francisco and New York. First off, yes. almost every fallout fan you ask says that New York is completely destroyed, well i thought that too until i reliesed that there is no official online source confirming this. i do believe that there may have once been a reference in one of the Fallout games hinting to its destruction but after searching fallout wikis i failed to actually find hard information backing this up. So, me and a few other people beleive it could be possible that Bethesda or possibly obsidian entertainment wanted/needed to base the next location in New York so in order for them to do this they had the wikis edited, which in all honesty could actually be true. Like why would so many people think New York is completely totaled but not have any evidence backing it up? okay, so now for San Francisco. The only reason i beleive this is the MOST LIKELY next possible location is because it is directly refernced to in fallout 4s main quest line. When going through Kellogs memories the golden gate bridge can be found as seen here

In my mind, Bethesda wouldn't have gone through all the trouble of modeling and adding in the golden gate bridge to the main quest like if it wasn't referencing to something more, that something i believe is fallout 5s location.

Anyways, thats all i got. the other locations are open to interpretation so feel free to do some research yourself and if you find anything interesting post it here so i can see everyone's ideas.

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PostSubject: Re: Theory on the next fallout locations With evidence!   Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:24 am

New York city sounds like it would be a cool place to have Fallout 5 set in but I'm more leaning towards San Francisco just because of the fact that I agree with you on Bethesda wouldn't have made the effort to model the golden gate bridge unless it was referencing something more. Which it would totally be awesome to have a game set in San Francisco! Just think about all the possibilities and I would like to see what they would do with Alcatraz.

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PostSubject: Re: Theory on the next fallout locations With evidence!   Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:50 am

Wasn't San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge already in Fallout 2?

The most probable location is New Orleans anyway.

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PostSubject: Re: Theory on the next fallout locations With evidence!   Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:24 pm

New Orleans has never been an actual confirmed location for an Obsidian Sequel, it was a suggestion and nothing more, where as Fallout 2's location was reflective of the actual main BoS base, which would make sense as a followup location to see how Maxson's departure has impacted the Brotherhood at home. The Project Louisiana turned out to be Pillars 2.

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PostSubject: Re: Theory on the next fallout locations With evidence!   

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Theory on the next fallout locations With evidence!

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