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January 2022


 {Poem} Footsteps.

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{Poem} Footsteps.  Empty
PostSubject: {Poem} Footsteps.    {Poem} Footsteps.  EmptyFri Mar 10, 2017 4:00 pm

Quiet encompasses this hall.
A row of stone, lined with cells grey,
And no lights that can lead the way.
No light to guide me at all.

This concrete path, doors and no exit,
Leaves me in darkness, with the sound
Of myself deep below this cold ground,
As I try to flee this cesspit.

Footsteps still echo through the hall
As still I walk past cell and door.
I stop to rest from work endured,
The footsteps do not come to stall.

I look back, I see nothing there.
The darkness reveals not to me,
But the footsteps stop hurriedly,
Like they heard me stopping and stare.

From the darkness I feel something,
A pair of eyes upon my own,
Staring back, patience unknown.
start again, to the wall I cling.

My footsteps are slow, off kilter.
Behind me I can hear the even,
Steady, enduring, stepping Demon!
Yes! A demon! A demon or killer!

Behind me there is a killer or,
Or perhaps a monster!
A monster that stalks me
Through a maze that has no key!

My breath begins to falter now,
They, it, them, he will be upon me soon.
I cannot run, I have to run, give me this boon!
I fall, sweat and blood lines my brow.

As I lay there, doomed, I wait.
I wait for my end, I cannot…
I cannot move, fleeing was for not.
In the darkness, I await my fate.

Nothing and no one comes to call.
I hear no footsteps, see nothing.
I cannot move, I feel the sting.
I cannot move, I am alone in,

These dark, quiet halls.

Be wary, or become a lonely boy.
{Poem} Footsteps.  4wcQkTt
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{Poem} Footsteps.

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