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January 2022


 [FNV][GECK] Need help with a quest problem - FIXED

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[FNV][GECK] Need help with a quest problem - FIXED Empty
PostSubject: [FNV][GECK] Need help with a quest problem - FIXED   [FNV][GECK] Need help with a quest problem - FIXED EmptySat Feb 18, 2017 2:25 am

Figured it out. Accepting the quest set the stage to 10, I was trying to use my topic with the stage 15 condition after it was started.

I have the dialogue and quest set up. Here's a basic flow of the quest:

Accepting to help Bradly starts quest at stage 10
 -he needs help finding an engine part
Buy the part from Gibson.
 -on item pickup the quest stage completes and starts stage 20
Bring the part to Bradly
 -this finishes the quest for fame, caps, and xp.

Now all of that works. the dialogue and script is good. My problem is when the player buys the item before the quest is started. What would happen is the stage is changed to 20, starting the quest, and setting a waypoint for Bradly, which the player hasnt met or gotten the quest.

I tried adding a condition for a new topic for when the quest is given. The dialogue is "I already have that part, here you go" which would have all the same functions as the quest completion dialogue. But i cant find a condition to check the players inventory for an item.

So next I tried this. I changed the script for picking up the part to:
scn myscript

BEGIN onAdd player

if (getStage myquest == 10)
 setStage myquest 20
else setStage myquest 15



I created a new topic that is able to be reached from the accept quest option. It has a condition to only show if the quest stage is 15.

This should work in theory, at least i think, and it's not. Any help would be nice, I have Discord if anyone would be kind enough to help. If no discord PMs are still nice.

Also, those are not the real quest names, its a top secret (not really) project.

Thanks GUN, keep it real.

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[FNV][GECK] Need help with a quest problem - FIXED

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