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 Next Fallout game

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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:30 am

@OSOK wrote:
why can't they ALL be valid endings as you the player are having active control over your VERSION of what is canon

I for one am enjoying my canon sniper outfit that was also featured in mass effect (a game I hadn't even played) worn by Cait...cause she's a sniper, using one BFG AMR 20mm...affectionately named the "eraser"

That's my canon because it's in the game...I can see's right THERE...fuck she's right THERE...yeah I'm dual screening the GUN with FO4...why? oh because I shot nick...and he's pissed so I'm one cell over...sleeping and waiting a gameweek worth so I can take him and Cait to far harbor for the weekend

holy hell that sounds like plans in real life...except the Cait wife is italian and she would not like Cait one bit.
yeah multiple starts would be cool but wouldn't that be like making 4-5 separate fallout games?
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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:40 am

I hope that the next fallout game is set in Canada because it would provide more insight on the annexation of Canada and it would be a really cool environment to be in (imagine going to Bnaff National park and seeing the results of the bombs).
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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Wed Sep 14, 2016 3:51 pm

If Obsidian would develop another Fallout game, that would be more than enough to me. Another New Vegas or anything else, doesn't matter, it would be cool I'm sure of that. I'd love to see what Obsidian could truly create, when it comes to Fallout. I mean they never had enough time to fully finish their games (New Vegas, KotOR II. for example, and still they're better than their prequels in my opinion). I'd also be glad to have an old-school Fallout. Like the first two games, but of course running on a modern engine. I'd play the Hell out of that game! Just think about Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian was finally free of any publishers, and look what they made! I really want a Fallout like that. However, it would also have a downside, it wouldn't be as mod-friendly as the current FO games. But it would be awesome for a side-project, or something.

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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Wed Sep 14, 2016 8:38 pm

I don't know much about US/Canada and never been to, so I don't know what state/city that I want. 

I'd love a countryside setting for a change; farms, forests, rivers, caves. With a city like area in the middle. Camping and hunting system, better companion system and relationship dynamics. Basically TWD TV series Fallout edition lol. (PS4's Days Gone E3 trailer fits my dream setting) 

Maybe someday. It'd be awesome if Obsidian would be involved. Can't hurt to dream Doggy 

Dream game: Shenmue - Harvest Moon - Fallout hybrid  HappyRun
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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:27 pm

I agree, with everyone on the fact that Obsidian should make the next Fallout games. Cause I'm sure they would do it right, or at least make a great fallout game.

As far as setting goes, I'd love to see another kind of environment. We already had the Capital wasteland and the Commonwealth, which are mostly urban/suburb environment and both pretty similar, and we also already had a desert environment with New Vegas. So I'd really like for the next fallout game to be set in a different environment. Maybe a winter like environment, kinda like "The Frontier", with snow storm and blizzard. Some of you mentioned Chicago and its area, which I think would be a cool place for a Fallout game, and it would be perfect for having some gangster like factions (like the omertas and casinos family in FNV).
But I would prefer it to be more of a countryside area rather than a urban one. The area of the Great lakes, right on the border between USA and Canada would be really cool I think. With huge parts of destroyed forests, rivers, lakes. And if it is sets in this area, I can perfectly picture in my mind, some kind of Mohawks/Hurons/Wood Indians (always been fascinated by native americans and their culture) tribes and factions that have mastered survival in the wastelands.

That said, if they make another fallout game, I don't care much about where it will take place, specially if it's Obsidian behind it. To me the most important thing for the next Fallout game, is the gameplay mechanics. On Fallout 4, they really improved pretty much all the bad gameplay mechanics of Fo3 and FNV : the FPS side of the gameplay, but also the addition of the building mechanics and settlement which is, even if not perfect, really cool. But on the other hand, they almost completely removed everything that makes Fo3 and FNV great games: the RPG mechanics and elements. If they make another Fallout game, I do really hope that they reintroduce the Karma system, and also the older dialogue system (voiced protagoist or not, it doesn't bother me). So for the next Fallout game, these are the things that I want the most. A well done karma system, and a better dialogue system. I wan to be able to create my own story, and be able to have the choice to be a good hearted person, or a completely mean bastard that brings chaos and destruction. i want to be able to forge my own path whether it be a good one, a neutral one or a evil one.

Finally, one last wish for the next Fallout game. i want a good main story. Cause, the "I'm looking for my dad", "I'm looking for the guy that shot me" and "I'm looking for my son" are kinda getting old. I know I'm exaggerating things, but a more original main story would be nice.

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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:52 pm

I'm particularly biased towards a game set in the Blackhills, around Mt. Rushmore. A settlement is located at the base, or on top of the monument. Maybe both? The one problem I have with this idea as a setting is that there really isn't much else out there. The forests would be dead, and the nearest town is quite a ways away, which would mean a very bland environment.

I wouldn't mind a Fallout game set further north, where we'd finally get our nuclear winter.

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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:39 am

I've liked the next fallout to have different seasons.Kinda like that seasons mod that's out for Fallout 4.Maybe have the story be set through many years.Dynamically change the environment.How cool would that be?One moment you're wandering through a forest sun blazing birds chirping the next moment you're in a winter blizzard almost freezing to death.
And really dial up the survival aspect,make ammo more scarce,make enemies the are more dangerous at night.Kinda like fallout 4 survival mode.But turned up a notch.I mean it's the post apocalypse.
Hell by the end of fallout 4 I was the terminator,a whole army of super mutants couldn't take me down.
As for the setting.New Orleans like the rumor suggested would be awesome.Swamps,the bayou,Lots of things you can do with a city like that.
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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:14 am

I always felt that even though fallout 3/4 had urban environments they always felt shallow like there was something hidden away in one of the collapsed buildings waiting to be found. So, instead of a more open New Vegas feel I would like for a more urban focused game. With trade cities being built into the side of skyscrapers and factions territories being on a block to block basis and not a town to town focus like the previous games. With all this stated I would like to revisit the Pitt or visit a new location like New York.

Yours sincerely, GumShoe

Last edited by Kingsley"GumShoe"Muldoon on Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:41 pm; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:02 pm

I can't think of any interesting locales off the top of my head, so one thing I'd like to see Obsidian's take on is the settlement system. I have faith that they could deliver quality structure/storytelling and remove/improve the voiced protagonist without question, so I'd like to see how they'd tackle settlement building. Maybe make them faction related, or at least give a unique, meaningful quest before a settlement will come under your control.

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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:38 am

I would really like Obsidian to make another Fallout game.

I think Obsidian works on the west coast parts of the Fallout universe so maybe a game on Arizona. There's a lot of backstory so far in New Vegas about Arizona and how it's completely screwed up. I think someone in New Vegas says that things have gotten really bad there because of Caesar and Raiders or something like that.

I think they could pull it off they've already given a name to a city here called Two Sun and it would be interesting to see more of the West Coast and how it was affected by the war. Maybe that second meeting with the Legate could happen? Maybe there's another way the platinum chip could be used in AZ somehow. There's also a bunch of forts and an air force base here so that could be cool. Hell I might even make a mod someday where you visit AZ.

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PostSubject: Re: Next Fallout game   

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Next Fallout game

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