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February 2019

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 The Official Creepypasta topic!

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PostSubject: The Official Creepypasta topic!   Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:21 am

Hello Everyone! So this topic, this topic is for everyone and anyone. Here we will all share Creepypasta's written by us, the users! I am one of the persons who can write scary stuff and have lots of imagination but some people dont really have that much of an imagination to write a scary story and those who can write a story can inspire those who cannot and eventually they might start writing too and it will be thanks to you, the person who wrote the story that literally inspired the next scary internet creature, myth, legend and such. I will go first by writing a story which came in my mind today. (Creepypasta will be in Spoiler tag below).
PS: Criticism and discussion is allowed in the topic. I really hope no one will be offended by criticism because some people get easily offended by criticism. Its not a bad thing, its just something to help you while writing the next story to learn from the past one's mistake and eventually put out a better story.
PPS: Its optional but if you want you can write your story in red or maybe the normal color, I dunno really but red might give some chilling vibes to the story. Anyway happy writing. I cannot wait to read YOUR stories!

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PostSubject: Re: The Official Creepypasta topic!   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:55 pm

Nice topic if i think of something then i'll put it down here cause i think i could write a decent one just gotta think of it. Will edit this when i have creepy pasta to write down.

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The Official Creepypasta topic!

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