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May 2018

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 Yet another Introduction

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PostSubject: Yet another Introduction   Wed May 04, 2016 10:28 pm

Hmm, i'm not sure how to get started, i came here to release a mod although apperently that isn't happening due to the fact i need some special permission to post a public mod here and to make matters worse i can't PM anyone to find out how to get that special permission (Im aware of the rank requirement for private mods but i cannot find any info on Public Mods).

Anywho, as anyone who has played Republic Commando can tell, i'm a Star Wars fan, i used to be quite active in Jedi Knight Acadamy before all the servers became ''family friendly'' and decided to Overdose on rules (as in, they had rooms full of triggers that caused fullscreen messages to display the rules..) and essentially all became chat room servers. I mostly mod for Fallout (I have a Morrowind mod floating around somewhere as well, all though its several years old and not of high quality) these days. I have mods in the works for Fallout 3 and New Vegas in various states of ready and not ready. I have way too much time on my hand because of the fact i got expelled from school because of my country's draconian policy against using youre fists to solve problems so i mostly mod the hell of out of stuff. I consider my fallout 3 build to be one of the best looking installs currently out there weighing in at over 20GB (all textures, models, and sounds).

I'm also an active archivists and retro-gamer/old hardware horder. I have a desk full of GPUs from 2000-2012 and various other parts in small cache's throughout my house along with 7 fully assembled PC's ranging from a dual Pentium 90MHZ server from 1994 to my main rig with its Core2Quad and GTX750TI. Im known to buy lots of floppy disks off Ebay and archive them and the valuable 1990s shareware on them. Who else is going to save history? closed eyes smile

In addition to that i also collect video games for pretty much every console and easily have 1000 games in my possesion along with many consoles.

In terms of what i do for a living: I buy low, and sell high. I take things and either repair or resale them. For example i get PSP's for 10 dollars a pop average, repair them at a cost of 10-20 USD, and sell them on ebay for 60-80USD and then convert that cash towards my ''R&D funds'' for building retro PC's (Currently working on a DOOM3 era Pentium 4 hehe). Overall i guess i get by Ok. Aside from that my other activitys include making Youtube videos and researching history (im a huge history fan). Im also a volunteer online counselor.

Not much else to say i guess. Not that i expect anyone to read this.
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PostSubject: Re: Yet another Introduction   Wed May 04, 2016 11:10 pm

Welcome! Always nice to see someone new.

Enjoy your stay! Smile


Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.
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PostSubject: Re: Yet another Introduction   Thu May 05, 2016 4:20 am

Hi welcome to GUN! Enjoy the mods that are available here and I do hope you stick around so that you can be promoted.

Also can you take a picture of your hardware collection? it seems very interesting.

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PostSubject: Re: Yet another Introduction   Thu May 05, 2016 6:10 pm

Welcome to the forum we hope you enjoy your stay.

Thumbs Up

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PostSubject: Re: Yet another Introduction   

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Yet another Introduction

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