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 Your Character's Story

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PostSubject: Your Character's Story   Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:01 pm

Well, I thought of a great way to give some members ideas for playthroughs in Fallout. In this topic, you can provide backstories, loadouts, and other information about the type of characters you use when you play. I will start things off. Screenshots are appreciated with your post, but not required. If you wish, you may list what mods you use with your loadout. Again, this topic is to share your characters, and their stories. This will help some members whom are wishing to start a new game with a type of playthrough. Aaaaaaaaand GO!

Optional Template:

Name: Rabbit
Race: Voodoo
Allegiance: NCR
Background: After joining the New California Republic, Rabbit was quickly conscripted by the NCR Rangers. After years of training, he was assigned to a unit that was later involved in the Battle for Hoover Dam. Rabbit's unit was wiped out when other Ranger units demolished Boulder City, except for him. After the battle, Rabbit was assigned to a security detail for a caravan headed to New Canaan. Soon after arriving in Zion, the caravan was attacked and Rabbit was left for dead. The Dead Horse tribe saved Rabbit's life, and taught him advanced survival tactics during his stay with them, and made quick friends with a wild dog, whom he later named Bullets. When it was time to return back to his superiors, Rabbit was given a tomahawk by his friend, Walking Chalks. After returning to his posting, he was assigned a small team of Rangers, with his mission being to regain a foothold against Caesar's Legion, Cottonwood Cove. With his team, they set out against all odds. How was he supposed to retake Cottonwood Cove with 4 soldiers?
Loadout: M4A1 with Holo+3x magnifier (MW3), Glock .357 (Nexus), Tomahawk (Nexus), Voodoo's Armor (Drags), Frag Grenades, Flash Grenades, C-4, Road Flares (Light My Flare), NVGs (Alexscorpions), Smokes (Real Smokes), First Aid Kits, Radio (Pip-Phone).
Companion(s): Bullets, Boone, Veronica, and Cass.
Home: No home, but setting up an OP (Observation Post) in areas which we operate (Portable Tent).
Rabbit and Bullets:
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Character sheet
Name: Levski
Faction: Bulgaria
Level: 79

PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:12 pm

A former member of the NCR he was at the batlle of Hoover Dam But he lost his friend Josh and Josh's last words were to take care for his son and Dace left him and then the war ended.Dace went to Josh's home to find his son Elton but Elton wasnt there instead of him he found Josh's wife dead butchered like a brahmin Dace swore to punish the people that killed Josh's wife and kidnaped his son.Till Dace was investigating he heard a noise he wanst sure from where its coming from then he found a secret stairway but to where ?Down there he found Josh's son Elton he was scared and Dace said -Dont be scared im a friend- After Elton heard those words he felt safe but Dace said that they need to go and they did.Dace took Elton Trained him and Elton became a Ranger but not an NCR ranger a Mojave ranger.20 years have passed and Elton went to sleep and he heard gunshots he saw Dace lying and saw a man he looked like a rider then Elton put a bullet in his head and Elton left him and Till that day Elton feels sorry that he left him.Dace had an armor and figured out that is time for Elton to take care for himself and Dace was no more he was now know as Ghost he was only there when he was needed there are Legends about a ghost The Ghost of The Wasteland.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:02 am

Name: Hobs
Race: Human
Allegiance: Neutral
Faction: Powder Gangers

A ex-caravan worker who once worked with Crimson Caravan but kicked due to a secret bottling cap production which made counterfeit caps. He once used the money to support his handicapped father who fought in Hoover Dam and lived peacefully in Nipton. That is, when the Legion attacked it. A Powder Ganger of unknown origin helped him escape the Legion before they had to draw their tickets. Having saved his life, Hobs decided to join with the Powder Gangers as a sign of gratitude. A man named Joe Cobbs hired Hobs to aid him to find a man by the name of Ringo who was last seen in Goodsprings. Hobs realized that Ringo was one of the caravan workers who helped him sneak by the counterfeit caps to support his family member. When Hobs refused, he heard and gun cock, and then the lights went out. He was thrown into a refrigerator, lit on fire, and there rested a hat on his skull to show some dignity. A few days later, a courier with bandages in their head finds the skeleton lying on a fridge. This truly is a Wild Wasteland.

My Achievements:
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Character sheet
Name: Character

PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:40 am

Name: Lee
Race: Unsure, possibly Asian.
Faction: NCR

Lee is happy now, but she wasn't always named Lee, and she wasn't always happy. See, her twin brother is named Ling, and that's fine and all, but her name? Her father named her "Ving," after her mother, who died in service at the first battle of Hoover Dam only weeks after giving birth. Still, what kind of a name is that? She detested the fact that her named rhymed with her brother's. Ving's father had her and her brother enrolled at a school in Freeside set up by the Followers of the Apocalypse for students (NCR citizens or Freeside squatters, didn't matter) ages 7-17, and she was about to turn 18. For 10 years, she endured countless taunts of "lingving vingling hahahaha" and the like from her fellow students. She was almost relieved upon knowing that school was nearing its end, but what if everyone else was like that too? What if her stupid name got her mocked everywhere she went? What if she didn't want to be a painful memory of her deceased mother?


She won't allow it.

Once home (a single derelict room) from school, she told her brother of her plans to change her name, who responded with pain in his voice.

"Ving," he told her, "I know how you feel, I really do, but your name is how dad holds onto the memory of our mother. You can't take that away from him."

"But he's taking my identity from me!" she cried, "I need to be my own person! I need to be Lee!"

Lee was her middle name, but as far as she was concerned, it was the only name that was truly hers.

"We turn 18 tomorrow, and when I wake up, I'm going straight to the NCR embassy on the strip. I've researched the whole process, I won't be a minor anymore, I've got the paper work, and I've already talked to the offices. I'm getting a one-time use passport from the offices to pass the securitrons. They won't stop me, and neither will you."

He wanted to protest, but the passion in her face and the tears in her eyes stopped him. At least for now. She saw her brother's face relax and continued,

"Look. I don't want to do this alone. The embassy got me passports for you and dad too. I want you both to be there when this happens. Please, take it."

She silently gave him the passport, placed one on her father's desk (he worked at the school as a custodian of sorts and often had to stay late), and went to sleep.

Ling woke up to an empty room; his sister and father were nowhere to be found. She must have changed her mind about wanting him there. He knew what happened. She must have thought he would try and stop her. She was right.

"What is she thinking, erasing mom's name, her memory? Oh god, she's really doing it! Maybe there's still time!"

He rushed out the door, not noticing that their father's passport was absent from the desk.

He had never run that fast in his life. Past the gate, the scary robots, the drunk gamblers and soldiers, the sleazy Gomorrah dancers, and the ominous Lucky 38, he sprinted straight into the office, where he saw Ving filling out the last of the forms. Or was it Lee now? He noticed that their father was mysteriously absent.

"Ving, you need to stop this! Look, I know I didn't say anything earlier, but you HAVE to listen! Your namesake is all dad has left of mom! It's all WE have left of mom!" Tears began to form in his eyes. "You can't take that away from him... from me... please... please?"

"I'M NOT MOM!" She screamed, shocking both her brother and the secretary behind the counter. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she raged, "you two have no right to do this to me! She's gone! Mom is gone, and nothing can change that! I wish I knew her too, but we can't change the fact that it won't happen! I can't be Ving! I can't be mom! I need to be me! I need to be Lee. Only Lee."

Visibly shaken, the secretary barely managed to work her voice from her throat, "the f-final papers are already through. It- it's a hefty fee to s-stop the proce-"

"I know."

Ling became void of emotion, like steel.

"I came here to stop you from devastating this family, and I'm going to do just that. Here's your fee."

As he withdrew a number of NCR paper bills from his pocket, Ving sank down into an uncomfortable office chair, defeated.

"All I wanted was to be my own person," she wiped her tears from her eyes and sniffed deeply, "but if doing so is going to drive this family apart, I'll stop."


The twins and the secretary jerked toward the door, which had crashed open to reveal a middle aged Asian/ Latino looking man whom had clearly enjoyed his time on the strip.

"Father!" Ling cried, "We need to stop her!"

Completely ignoring the call to action, the twins' father made his way towards his daughter with brisk and confident strides. With a smile, he looked into her eyes and tenderly cradled her dampened face with a caring hand. He spoke with certainty and pride.

"Don't stop, be Lee, Ving.
Hold on to that fee, Ling."

And Lee was happy.

Hopped onto the Undertale train, now there's a big ass dog on my lap and I'm stuck here. Determination, etc., etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:35 pm

Name: Karan
Race: Human
Faction: Idependant(Raider)

An ex-legion captain who disbanded from the legion along with the troop under him went off to set their own goals after becoming exhausted, pursueing meaningless goals from the Legion. He wanted more. He wanted his own kingdom and so he convinced his troop to join him and leave the legion, never looking back. Once they found shelter, they had no name at first, but after months of work and dedication they built their broken down house up into a modest looking fort, and hung a tattered flag with the word "Independence" cruedly written on it. Don't be fooled, though. They still ambushed, murdered, and looted anyone that came in viewing distance by them. They became savage, and ruthless, wanted nothing but to build up their great kingdom.

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Solid Snake


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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:07 pm

Name: Jack, more commonly known as Snake
Race: Human, Caucasian
Allegiance: None (Independent)
Background: Formerly an infiltration expert in the NCR, Snake abandoned the developing government after being forced to kill his mentor, who allegedly defected to the Legion. After spending years drifting and lending his services to whoever needed them the most, he landed a small-time job as a Courier for the Mojave Express. After being shot in the head by a certain Vegas scumbag, he miraculously recovered, and trekked back into the wasteland, starting his quest, not for his nation, not for any ideology, not for justice, not for honor, not for power, not for the future, not for love, not for peace... Only for revenge.
Loadout: Knife, M1911A1, Mk. 22 Tranquilizer pistol, AM MRS-4, Ithaca Model 37
Companion(s): Boone, Arcade, Raul, Cass, Veronica, Willow, Delilah
Home: Various, mainly the Lucky 38


"Nail me to my car and I'll tell you who you are"

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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:49 pm

Name: Ashok Rhamsey
Race: Culturally Divergent (Fancy way of saying No F****** idea)
Allegiance: Independent

Ash lived a nearly normal life until his Vault was raided by super mutants in the winter of 2268.

It was the first time He'd ever seen snow. He thought how beautiful it was, until he saw his mother's blood splash across the nearly colorless white canvas that was the snowy landscape.

It was the first time Ash truly felt pain, but it certainly wasn't the last.

After watching his father and brothers being butchered in front of him while in captivity, Ash was able to escape the prison that was Vault 87 with his sister, Mallory. Being only 15 years old at the time of his escape, Ash was not able to survive out in the wilderness, especially with an 8 year old sister with him. He knew he had to find shelter, and fast. The winter storms were fast approaching, and they'd freeze to death if they didn't hurry.

He made his way to a Petrol Station that was 10 miles away from his vault. After clearing out the mechanic's shop, he found a protectron, still in working order. Ash quickly hacked it to guard the station, and left Mallory there while he looked for other people nearby. He found a merchant that led him to the nearby town of megaton. He met Walter, who taught Ash everything he knew about repairs.

Ash eventually became a successful mechanic, and earned a reputation as a stand-up guy. This went on for 2 years, until Mallory's 10th birthday.

Ash went out to megaton to buy a present for Mallory. He found the perfect gift: a child's science kit. Mallory was a huge fan of robotics. After a year in the shop, she'd read all of the magazines and books she could find on robots, and had even programmed the protectron (she nick-named him Sparky) to do menial tasks, such as cooking and cleaning.

As Ash returned to the shop, he could smell smoke from the inside. He knew something was wrong. He tried to open the door, but the handle burned his hand. He tried to bust in through a window, but it was too late. The shop was ablaze.

Ash watched in horror as the last inch of his humanity was taken from him. After the fire died down,
Ash found Mallory, and was astonished to find that she was killed before the fire. Her body was placed under a piece of steel sheeting, and was shielded from the flames. Carved into her chest was the name that would haunt him to this very day:


Flashing forward to 2281, Ash left the Capital Wasteland in search of Marko. He vowed on the day of his sister's death that he would not stop until he or Marko was dead. Sadly, the trail went cold after Marko left the Mississippi river region. In the time between his sister's death and making his way to the Mojave, he learned the skills necessary to hunt Marko by signing on with merc groups. His last job as a merc ended with him blowing up the squad of Talon company mercs he was working with after they murdered a little girl's family.

He continued west, until he took a job as a courier for the Mojave express. After being robbed and shot in the head, Ash had a new enemy to hunt, and vowed to hunt down Benny as well.

But, the hunt for Marko continued.

IMI Galil chambered in 5.56 NATO.
Legion Gladius from a legionnaire that blitz attacked Ash in '78. Let's just say that Ash didn't need the rifle.
Companions: Delilah, Willow, and Russell.
Home: Wherever there's an empty bed.

Can you figure it out?:

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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:23 am

My Currant charecter is named ' Adrian White ' he was a thief before he was caught by an off duty NCR officer and sent to the NCRCF, durin the riot him and two companion escaped as far away as they could and eventually came to Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch but unfortunately by that time Andrian's companion's had both died from a combination of hunger, thirst and a being torn apart by feral ghouls and being shot to pieces by Raiders and now Adrian is out in the wastes looking for a way to get back at the NCR for imprisoning him.
Hope Y'all like my backstory Very Happy
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Character sheet
Name: Slan
Faction: Futadroids
Level: ∞

PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:48 am

My character's name is "Doctor Doolittle" and he was born on a pirate ship on the pacific coast and one day johnny depp (ghoul johnny depp of course) attacked my dad and mom's pirate ship and launched mole rat corpses at us. My mom decided to put me in the cannon and launch me at him with c4 strapped to my chest and kamikaze him. But my asshole mom overshot me and I flew past the ship and ocean and landed In baja california. I was raised by a blind ncr scientist "Doc Brown" and he named me marty and for years I roamed baja as a scientist apprentice and surpassed Doc Brown and left Baja when I was around 23 and headed for vegas to donate my money to the strippers on the strip and thus began my journey to the Mojave until i found a big ass poker chip on the ground and got shot in the face. :p I'm being serious by the way lol

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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:57 am

Chaos. It's what I do. I destroy whatever is in my way,and leave new life in my wake....
It's also my name. When I first donned the Spartan Armor, I knew things would be different. I had no idea how right I was...First ride out to break in the new suit,and I get hit by a rogue rocket on the way out the main gates. I did think it odd there was a bright blue flash on impact,and I didn't really feel anything....but somehow I still passed out.

When I woke up I was in a strange shack with some old man,turns out he's a doctor....Goodsprings I think he said..sounds like no city I've ever heard of,and why am I not in the Med Bay? Where AM I?
I found my armors frequency on this Readius device the doctor gave me..I'm still not sure where I really am...It seems familiar..but also seems like it's not mine...wrong somehow..
I'm going to get my armor back,and then I'm going to start getting some answers...
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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:45 am

Name: Dax Pomade.
Race: Hispanic
Allegiance: The Kings
Background: Grew up in the slums of free side, when he was young he was recruited by the Kings
Load out: Switchblade, That Gun.
Companion(s): Custom King companion.
Home: The school of impersonation
Screenshot: Don't have one sorry.


I see what you did t For signatures go checkout Raider Queens Posts!
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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:41 am

Name: Barles Charkley
Race: Human
Allegiance: NBA

Background: Living in the streets of New York, Barles learned to survive the wasteland through the ancient form of fighting known as "B-Ball". It was a glorious set of attacks one could inflict using a common basket-ball. His mentor was a small man only named "The Cyber Dwarf". According to legend, the dwarf got into a horrible accident as a young man, and they had to use basketball covering to replace his skin. He knew everything there was to b-ball, and he would teach Charkley how to "Rock the House", as they used to do before the nukes hit.

Barles' skills had landed him a job as a professional wasteland b-baller, and throughout different civilizations in the wasteland, he would play b-ball games against other slam-jammers in order to earn some caps and of course reputation. He never lost a match, and you could hear a "BOOM SHAKA LAKA" everytime he dunked.

House had learned of Charkley and his unbeatable b-ball skills, and knew that his slam-jam could bring more people to Vegas if he let Barles play a match at one of the casinos. However, Barles' arch nemesis, Jicheal Morden, heard of this plan from House through a bug (shapped like Bugs Bunny from Space Jam) placed into the Lucky 38. He couldn't let Barles ruin his reputation in Vegas- Jicheal was #1 in town, and Charkley would wreck that ghetto baller.

So, Jicheal hired a suave professional known as Benny to kill Charkley, paying him with Chupa-chups and ecto-coolers.

However, Benny had failed, and Charkley was still alive. He was nearly killed, but was saved by a robot created by Nike.

He was burning with revenge. Burning with anger. Burning like he was "ON FIRE! DID YOU SEE THAT DUNK?"

He was going to bamboozle Benny, then go after Jicheal Morden, and slam that turrible knucklehead.

Together, with his rag-tag group of Jammers, they were going to show Jicheal Morden once and for all why you don't dawdle in the game of B-Ball.

Weapons: Duel Vault-Tec Combat B-Balls

Companions: Jebron La'mes. Shaq Attaq, and Barry Lird.

We all have the power to SLAM-JAM in our hearts! Don't let DESPAIR take you over, SLAM JAM IT!
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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Thu Sep 25, 2014 4:38 am

Name: Joy
Race: Hispanic (With Caucasian parents(SCIENCE!!!))

Allegiance: Veronica(In her eyes, Veronica is the only thing that matters)
Background: Instead of rewriting the book I have written for Joy and her adventures, I will say this. If you really care about her story, then go to the nexus and read my comics(it's a lot). As for what I will write right now is this: Joy was born in the ruins of Detroit, Michigan with her sister Samantha(or as she calls herself, Samus(Coincidence? I think not!)). In the Detroit ruins a virus breaks out called the X parasite which takes control of the hosts mind and causes him/her to kill all there friends, co workers or loved ones. The Enclave being present in the ruins as a fertile breeding ground for there experiments worked towards a cure to the X parasite (or better yet a way to weaponize it). At the same time the lead scientist of the board, one Mister Theodore Brawn(not that Brawn) paid continuous visits to both Joy and her sister Samus due to there super human strength, agility and intelligence(Samus was able to defeat elite soldiers at age eight). The Enclave was able to create a cure for the X parasite, all be it an unconventional one. Code named "Metroids",(real original, Star) a genetically engineered organisms created to located and cure infecties by sucking the X parasite directly off there brains. Unfortunately, the Metroids had a voracious taste for brains, literally sucking the brains of the victim through the ears, leaving everything intact. An outbreak of the X parasite caused the Metroids to get out. Joy and her sister Samus have been on the run ever since. Well.. until the found the Mojave and decided to settle down. Well, Joy wanted to.. has nothing to do with Veronica.. not what so ever.. nope... Anyway, Joy, Samus, Veronica and there dear friend Izzy became bounty hunters until they were hired by Mr. House to find the Platinum Chip that was hidden by the Courier.

Loadout: "Executioner" Shotgun pistol, Mk. II Laser "Paralyzer" pistol, a f&%k ton of clothes

Companions (through out the whole story): Samus, Izzy, Veronica, "Lily" android, Cass, Vanessa, Russell, Precious, Christine, Dean, Dog/God

Home: After being fired by Mr. House, she now lives in a renovated motel room in Novac

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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Thu Sep 25, 2014 4:48 am

Name: Everen Köstring
Race: German/American
Allegiance: Former NCR Ranger

Background: Everen Köstring was born January 5th 2260 to two wealthy caravan traders. Both his parents were killed when he was barely 6 months old in a raider ambush on the I-15 heading for the Crimson Caravan in the Mojave.
A day after, a group of NCR soldiers were sent out to search for the expected caravan, but only found 3 dead brahmin and 2 corpses. Everen was found wrapped in a blanket in a saddle on one of the brahmins. He was taken in and raised by the NCR at Camp Forlorn Hope. He was trained like a soldier, treated like a soldier, and battle hardened like a veteran. By the age of 21, he became a well-known NCR Ranger, only to be shot and left for dead by fellow rangers after a deal gone wrong with a couple of Brotherhood Paladins. Awaken by a stray dog, lost, and in daze, Everen realizes he has been left by the ones he cared for the most. Seeking answers rather than revenge, Everen grows subtle hatred for the NCR and vows to never return and insists on working alone from now on.
Although he was left to die by the people he cared about, he still offers any help to the NCR if needed. As for the stray dog, he decided to keep it and train it to become a blood-thirsty, terrifying, military dog.

He now continues to roam the wastes with nothing but his furry companion by his side.

Loadout: Colt M16A2 - L96A1 - Serbu Super Shorty - Mateba Model 6 Unica
Companion: Bullets
Home: Underground Hideout, Spring Mt. Ranch

"Don't know really."
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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:08 pm

alegiance: NCR and freelance merc(background says why he is a merc)

BACKGROUND:Rockslider was an NCR riot control officer at the divide he was currently on a recon when the divide was torn apart so he and 1 of his men barely survived the cathasrope there.After they left the divide they went their separate ways with Rock beccoming a soldier of fortune. 1 night he was approached by a masked man in a duster that handed him a package with a golden chip and a sum of 50 000 caps for the delivery of the chip to New Vegas.Being a trained mercenary Rock tought: "Huh it would be a peice of cake." So he accepted the cash and the package with the chip.He set out immediately.after a few miles he was ambushed by a suited guy and a group of great khans .he dropped 3 of them with his M4 carbine but 1 of them managed to flank him and rendered him thing he knew he was sitting with his hands tied and the suited guy pointing  a gun at him telling him:"The game was rigged from the start baby" and after that he fired at him.He woke up a week and half later in some old doctor's house who said that he patched him up and healed him.The doc pointed out to a locker and said his gear was in there or whats left of it anyway.After the doc bringing him to speed Rock oppened the locker and found out that his package andhis caps were taken by his attakers then he  donned his riot ranger armor holstered his old 44. revolver alond with a couple of cartriges strapped to his belt and prepared to leave.Only 1 tought was in his mind right now: find the fuck who shot him in the head and return the favor TENFOLD.

Loadout: M4 CQBR (ahztheks weap. collection),riot gear a 44. revolver (i usualy carry some grenades 2but i use them rarely )

P.S sorry i dont have a pic Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:03 pm

Name: Alex

Race: Albert Wesker

Allegiance: Himself

Background: After working as a courier for a few years Alex found himself on on bad run as a courier, shot in the head and left for dead. Somehow surviving the shot and being healed by a friendly doctor, Alex found himself hungry. Hungry for power. What followed was a path of death and destruction unheard of since the days of the master. After killing the man who put a bullet in his head and claiming Vegas from House's cold dead hands. Alex assembled a team of talented individuals to act as his council to take control of the Mojave. Will he succeed? Will he fail? Hoover dam will decide it all! (the end felt so chessy)
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Character sheet
Name: Crowder
Faction: FOJ
Level: 7812

PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:26 pm

Information: Name: Jones, Matthew
                  Race: Caucasian
                  Sex: Male
                  Hometown: The Capital Wasteland
                  Vault: 101
                  Nickname: The Lone Wanderer

Background story:  Was born in the Jefferson Memorial in The Capital Wasteland, his mother, Catherine died giving birth to him, official cause of death was cardiac arrest, his father James, bribed the Overseer of vault 101 to let them in, Vault 101 was in need of a doctor, James happened to be a doctor, James had lied to Matthew for 19 years about him being born outside of the vault, he had always told him that he was born inside of the vault, as 19 years pasted James left the vault...Matthew's best friend Amata woke him up told him everything, Matthew was confused Matthew left the vault after killing vault security and roaches as he met the Overseer...Matthew chose to spare his life after having his friend Jonas killed...but Matthew shot him in the knee. After Matthew escaped he ran into this small town built from a rusty air liner, He met tons of people there but didn't care for most of them...he seen that there was a bomb in the center of the town, he disarmed it on the spot, walked up to a place called "Moriarty's Saloon"  Moriarty was a greedy bastard, Matthew had asked him if he seen his father...he was expecting the same answer that he'd gotten from everyone else...but to his surprise Moriarty said "My God it's you, the little baby boy all grown up. Persistent little bastard aren't ya?" Matthew was confused after a small talk Moriarty's greed was greatly shown towards Matthew, Moriarty wanted Matthew to kill one of his  Ex-whores, Matthew agreed after a small dis-agreement, Moriarty said her name was Silver and that She was last seen in SpringVale. Matthew went and when he found her they talked for a bit, eventually Matthew spared her life, he understood her situation and left with the 200 caps she stole, afterwards he headed back to Megaton and told Moriarty that Silver was dead, Moriarty gave Matthew James's location Matthew headed off there, he'd got ambushed by raiders, he was shot atleast 3 times in his gut, the adrenalin was powerful enough for him to not even realize that he had been shot after he killed the raiders. He forgot where he was going...lost out in the Wasteland...he ventured off and found Rivet City, a military Carrier that had been beached during the Great War, He found a lady, She was addressed as Doctor, Madison Lee. She almost imminently recognized him, They had a small chat about where James had left to, The Jefferson Memorial, He left to find his dad...but he only found Super Mutants, after the small fire fight was over he found some Holotapes, they was recorded and voiced by his father, one of them said he left to a Vault 112. He headed there and found robots, that gave him a vault 112 jumpsuit and he was ordered to get in a sim pod, he searched each sim pod, he found his father in one of them, he tried to pry it open but a Robo Brain told him that if he pried it open he'd fry his brain, so exhausted all of his options he get in his jumpsuit and pod, he met a little girl named Betty, she asked to do all kinds of Evil things like killing people and mental shit, he was walking to punch a kid in the face for Betty so that he could find his father, a old lady approached him and told him that we was all in a simulation, he knew that he was in a sim, and she told him to find the abandoned house...he found it and seen random junk laying around, when he touched certain items they made a ringing noise...5 hours have passed and he triggered a fail safe, he activated a Chinese program that killed all of the residents of the simuation Called: Tranquility Lane. Betty had sounded like a old man afterwards, Matthew interrogated her to find out it was a man, he didnt get his name though, and he left only to be reunited with his father. He chatted with his father and they started Project Purity, not long after not even a day maby 3 hours after hem starting it the Enclave arrived, and James sacrificed himself to save Matthew, after Matthew escaped with Lee, and a few other doctors, after them escaping, Matthew found a old train station and left to Vegas to drink himself to death. When he arrived he sat down in the atomic wrangler and had a few beers, traveled to Primm joined the Mojave Express, and two years later he received a package, a Platinum Chip, worth millions, he only made it half way before getting ambushed. He woke up next to a grave to see two Great Khans and a man if a Fancy Suit. The man talked to him for a bit before shooting Matthew in the head. He woke up in a town called GoodSprings, The doctor that took care of him said that his name was Doc, Mitchel, and that a robot by the name of Vector found him. afterwards Matthew hunted down the man in the suit in vegas... he convinced a chairman to lure him to his room, after showing him, The man's lighter, cigarette butts, and told the chairman his story. Matthew kicked the mans door down and shot him. Matthew returned to DC, and fought many battles with the Brother Hood of steel, he was sent out on a few missions by himself, he had to retrieve a G.E.C.K, He met a friendly super mutant there named: Fawkes, Fawkes traveled with the lone wanderer, Fawkes also retrieved the G.E.C.K because it was in a un-Godly amount of radiation. Matthew brought was returning, then was ambushed by Enclave, He was brought to the Enclave's base in DC, after a small interrogation Matthew Fed the Col. lies he even killed one of the Enclave by lying, he gave the Col. a small grin, Matthew was called up to the President's office, on his way up there he retrieved his equipment, and the Col. had ordered the entire base to shoot Matthew on site, Matthew relentlessly killing soldiers 1 by one he finally made it to the president, Matthew found out that the president was a robot and he convinced the president to self destruct him and the base. Matthew got back to the citadel, the base of the BOS, and he told them everything and they launched a attack with a robot known as Liberty Prime, they overtook the Enclave at the Jefferson Memorial,then Matthew had to activate it which would kill him by radiation poisoning, he did so and woke up in the Citadel, and seen that a girl tried to save him but she was on a medical bed to his left unconscious, he was sent on a mission to get Tesla Coils from a old Olney, after he got back a Tesla cannon was made by the paladin that sent him there, Matthew also had to kill waves of enclave and Deathclaws. They launched an attack on Adams Air Force Base and destroyed it by targeting it for a nuclear air strike, He returned to the Mojave and took over Vegas Killing thousands of NCR Soldiers and Legionnaires, he inputted a robot called Yesman into the hoover dam, he spent the rest of his life scavenging and bounty hunting in the Mojave and in DC.


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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Your Character's Story   Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:37 pm

Name: Drake

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Allegiance: None, Dislikes the Legion

Alias': Deathstroke (Main Alias), The Hunter (Most known as), The One-Eyed Demon (By the Legion)

Profession: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary

Additional Information: Blind in Right eye, Expert Swordsman, Cybernetically enhanced

Born in the ruins of Manhattan, Drake grew up in a close community, during the defense of the settlement from raiders Drake was stabbed in his right eye, to help him adapt to the loss the settlements doctor implanted various implants into Drake's body increasing his effectiveness, after a while Drake started to grow bored of the settlement and wished to strike out on his own, after crafting a set of armour based on one of his favourite comic book characters, and a sword to match, Drake left the settlement behind and began work as a Bounty Hunter utilizing the Alias Deathstroke, his travels eventually brought him to the Mojave where encountered a young woman named Willow from Klamath, ordinarily Drake would travel alone but after hearing Willows story, in which she was robbed by members of the Vipers, he took pity on her and allowed her to accompany him, as they finished finding Willows stolen items Drake purchased a dog named J.T. from a Ghoul simply known as the Big Guy, eventually he became close with Willow and allowed her access to his bunker that he found during his first few days in the desert, soon he became involved with the bounty hunting firm Randall & Associates, during his missions he would leave Willow and J.T. at the Bunker so he could better surprise his targets, eventually he became independent after his employer Randall was presumed killed by an mercenary under the employ of Judge Ritcher, AKA The Judge, and Drake eliminated The Judge in single combat and now waits for the next job.

Legion Holotape: (Recording Starts)*Rapid footsteps and heavy panting are heard* Legion Centurion: The One-Eyed Demon, he attacked us, we were on our way to raid Nipton when suddenly my rear guard fell to the ground we turned and HE was there, two of my men opened fire but they could not hit him, they fell as quickly as the rearguard, my lieutenant and his men tried to charge at him, he gunned them down before they could even near him, I am trying to out run him then salvage the mission I.... No...* Heavy footfalls are heard not to far away* Drake: Just you and me COME ON!. *there is a clatter as the recorder is dropped on the ground and blade is heard being drawn, the Centurion yells out and charges, clashes of blades are heard then the sound of metal through flesh and a gurgling sound, followed by the unmistakable sound of a body crumpling to the ground, footsteps approach the recorder and it is lifted up* Drake: Cute....Caesar if you get this, I am getting tired of your little assassin teams, they are hardly even sport, either face me yourself or send someone who can truly face me, and pray that they kill me because I am coming for you soon. (end of recording)

Loadout: Sword(Primary), Modified Desert Eagle(Secondary)

Armour: Black Armour with orange accents, Orange Hard plate mask (Black and featureless on the right side)

Companion(s): Willow, J.T.

Home: Underground Bunker, Mojave Wasteland


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Name: William

Nickname: Wolf

Occupation: NCR First Recon (former), NCR Ranger (former), Courier

Allegiance: None/Mine

Loadout: Modified Ranger armor and whatever weapon he can carry.

Home: Secret Bunker

Background: Born into the NCR, Will was always a good shot and enlisted into the NCR military at the age of 18. After a week of firearms training he was moved to first recon because of his skills with a rifle. After being sent to Hoover dam to reinforce it, Wills squad leader led the team astray and the group was caught be the Legion. Being thrown into a pit with a large wolf, the wolf seemed to have no care of him and left him alone allowing Will to fight his way out killing the Legionnaire in charge of the camp. Before he was killed by others he and his squad were saved by Rangers and Will was recruited into the Rangers almost on the spot. After the first battle of Hoover Dam, Will recieved word that his famlily had been killed and retired not long after believing that "Good men die young while assholes run the nation into the ground". Will eventually found a job as a courier and a few years later was given the job of transporting a Platinum Chip....

Personality: Will is a Kindhearted man who knows how to play his enemies against each other. He also has a horrible sense of direction, getting lost easily, and sometimes finds himself randomly on fire...

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Race:white American
Allies: ncr, enclave, bounty hunters

Sixx is a military science experiment where they take an elite group and freeze them in ice so they have them when they need them. Frozen back in 2012 in fear of the end of the world on the 21 of December. But when the world ended in 2077 sixx awoke due to power shut down on his Chamber and an automated thaw process. When he awoke to the waste land he went out with no mission so he picked up a Courier job to get money and was shot in the head only to awake with amnesia and the skill to kill

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Your Character's Story

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