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August 2017

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 New play through mod suggestions

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PostSubject: New play through mod suggestions   Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:31 pm

The title is pretty self explanatory. I am considering a new play through and just want some mod suggestions for it. Now mods I will already have because they are a must in my opinion are;

-All of drags armors
-RSA weapon pack
-All the HUD mods for like primary needs and such
-the someguyseries

So I am just looking for all types of suggestions even just little things or even big enormous expansions.

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PostSubject: Re: New play through mod suggestions   Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:00 pm

Okay I've got a good list here

Wasteland Clothing HD V1-3 FULL PACK"
Wasteland Flora Overhaul"
Weapon Animations Replacer FOMOD"
Weapon Mods Expanded"
Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX"
weapon retexture project 1dot95"
Weapons of the next millenium
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP"
Zan AutoPurge Crash Protector - New Vegas Edition"
1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul"
4k Pair of Gloves"
Ammo & Condition Checking Beta 3"
An Armor With Hood"
Beretta 93R"
Better Game Performance V5"
Centered 3rd Person Camera"
Cheat Terminal"
Collision Meshes"
Distributed Necklaces and Chains Neck Seam Concealer"
Drags Seam Concealers"
DV's Custom Soundtrack Project-FNV- AO 1.5 Version. NMM COMPATIBLE-57216-1-5"
DYNAVISION 3 - Total Visual Enhancement"
ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland"
Enhanced Blood Textures for NV v2_22c"
EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements"
Fallout Character Overhaul 3.0-54460-3-0"
Fallout Character Overhaul 3.01-54460-3-01"
Faster Terminals"
Ghouls Hires retexture"
Gloves Galore"
GUN Reload Sounds Correct"
H&Hs 1st Person Animation Pack V1"
HD Mist"
HD Smoky Fire and Explosions"
Hectrol Lockinterface Deluxe HighRes Retex"
High res night sky texture replacer pack"
HI-RES Chems and Health Re-Texture"
HiRes Skill Books Retexture"
HiRes Water Bottle Textures and Meshes"
Hitmans Combat Roll Mod V2"
Hitmans Pistol Anim Set V6"
Hitmans Sneak Animation Pack V1"
Improved Sound FX"
Interior Lighting Overhaul"
Item Browser"
IWS-Increased Wasteland Spawns"
JIP NVSE Plugin"
Loading Screens Replacer New Vegas"
Lutana NVSE Plugin"
MGs NCR Pack"
Minimod - High Res Clutter Battery Cigarette Pack and Carton"
MMRE Music Pack"
Mofoing Frontier"
Mojave Music Radio - Extended"
Nevada Green"
New Vegas - Enhanced Camera"
New Vegas Redesigned 3 version 3.7"
New Vegas Stutter Remover"
NMCs Textures NV LARGE Pack Part 1 of 3 FOR NMM"
NMCs Textures NV LARGE Pack Part 2 of 3 FOR NMM"
NMCs Textures NV LARGE Pack Part 3 of 3 FOR NMM"
No-Antialiasing and Multisampling Patch"
NV - Terrain Recreational Project HD"
NV Cinematic Sunglares"
NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash"
Ojo Bueno Architecture V2 UHQ Base"
Ojo Bueno Architecture V2 UHQ Normals"
Ojo Bueno Environmetnal V1"
Ojo Bueno Objects UHQ Base V1"
Ojo Bueno Objects UHQ Normals V1"
OjoBuenoUHQAutoBodyV2 UHQ"
OjoBuenoUHQAutoBodyV2 UHQ Normals"
OneTweak for FNV"
Optics of New Vegas - OONV"
Passive Startup Messages"
PNx Chargeable Tesla Deathray"
Precision Collision - Clutter NV"
Project Nevada"
Remington Model 1858 - Conversion"
Super Hopper"
Tesla Cannon Explosion Fix"
Textures Over Time"
Tgspy Edits Frontier"
The Mod Configuration Menu"
The Weapon Mod Menu"
UHQ Terrain - Rocks - Roads Overhaul"
UIO - User Interface Organizer"
Unlimited Companions"

If you have any questions on any of those mods feel free to ask.

Edit: I should also mention that this is more of just a basic list of mods to get you started, there isin't alot of New Content mods here, so I recommend getting mods like A World of Pain, and a good idea is to go through the Top Files on the nexus and just find mods that interest you.

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Name: Lucian
Faction: Outer Heaven

PostSubject: Re: New play through mod suggestions   Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:24 am

I'd start with some texture mods to make your game LOOK good

This list will cover most stuff I think

NMC Texture Pack - retextures roads, trees, landscapes, the actual world basically
Millenias Texture Mod for standard weapons
Eve - Essential Visual enhancements for energy weapons and explosives
Enhanced Blood Textures - makes blood look 10x better
Wastelenad Clothing hires retexture - this is for most clothing/some armors
aMidianBorn NV Book of life - retextures creatures and Heavy/Power Armor
MGs Neat Clutter retexture- for random clutter - washing machines to chess boards, work benches, tables,chairs etc 200+ items
HI-RES Chems and Health retexture-retextures all Aid items to a far better quality
Improved robot textures-makes robots look better

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Age : 38
Location : Switzerland

PostSubject: Re: New play through mod suggestions   Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:12 am

@"Lucianhector" that's a great start - i use almost all of them. I didn't know about aMidianBorn - the book of life. This looks great and i will add it to my list. Thanks for the tipps - even if i am not about to start a new game. already 250 hours of playtime (actually one third would be testing new mods;))

best game ever - and it keep getting better

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PostSubject: Re: New play through mod suggestions   Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:57 pm

Alright, when it comes to graphics, I have A LOT of mods, so brace yourself.

Note: Some of these texture mods are from FO3, meaning you're gonna have to do some manual installing.

This is my mod list pertaining graphics:

2019 Detective Special:

Colt N99 10mm Pistol (replacer);

4K Pair of Gloves(If you use Spice of Life, you don't need Gloves Galore. One of the gloves uses the 4K Texture):

Acoraito HD Texture Pack:

aMidianBorn NV Book Of Water:

Retextured Clutter Collection:

Bighorner Ultra High Resolution Texture:

Bozar retexture:

Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul:

Chinese Assault Rifle Hi-Res Retexture(If you use Project Nevada):

ADAM - A Definitive Armor Mod:

Desert Ranger Armor Retexture for ADAM MODE:

Fake shadows on NCR Ranger Helmet with Hi Rez Textures:

Dust Mote and Fluid Drip Effects HD for NV:

Enhanced Blood Textures for NV:

EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements:

F3R - Fallout 3 Retextured WIP:

Fallout Character Overhaul:

Fallout New Vegas HD Stimpack:

FeralGhouls Hires retexture:

Ghouls Hires retexture:

(Goodsprings) Beer Whiskey and Wine:

HD Duct Tape Retexture:

HD Mist:

HD Steam Gauge Assembly Retexture:

Everything by Hectoral:

Fallout 3 Hirezd(pick out what you want. I pretty much took everything):

HiRes Cave Textures:

HiRes Water Bottle Textures and Meshes:

HiRes Skill Books Retexture:

HQ Dust Storm FX:

IHWT - Improved Heavy Weapons Textures;

Improved Cyberdogs Textures:

Improved Deathclaw Textures:

Improved Robots Textures:


Its a Dogs World - Dog Texture Overhaul:

Metal Armors Metalized - 2K Metal Armor Re-textures:

The Gruntening - 2k Combat Armor Retextures:

Shifting Shadows - 2k Assassin and Stealth Suit Retextures:

MGs Neat Clutter Retextures:

My Grass V2(2k I chose):

NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta:

NCR Trooper Overhaul - Distributed:

Neglected Clutter and Other Things - Retex:

Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3:

Practical Portraits by Payton Quinn(Really adds to the effects of NVR3 and FCO):

Retextured Labels - Food and More:

Securitron Hires Everything by Macintrol(FNV):

hIS fo3 profile. I didn't download everything from there though):

Shishkebab retexture:

Spice Of Life( The armors in this mod really benefit from some of the retextures in this list):

Textures Over Time:

TFH Better Authority Glasses:

TGGC's HD Cleaver Replacer:

The Molerat Extravaganza - Molerat Retexture:

UHQ Terrain - Rocks - Roads Overhaul:

UHQ Terrain Overhaul( I just picked up the woodsliding. Don't need to download anything else):


Whats Your Brand - cigarette texture megapack :

Everything by Millenia:

Authentic Burned Man:

Brahmin Variant Redux:

Robert's Male Body:

That is pretty much it. Yes, it is a huge list. I like to retexture anything I can find for FNV.
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Location : England

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Name: Lucian
Faction: Outer Heaven

PostSubject: Re: New play through mod suggestions   Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:09 pm

@dantaefetticus And I thought MY texture collection was good, this is on point!

I'm the same, I'll try retexture everything, I like my game looking good most of all

Thanks for this

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PostSubject: Re: New play through mod suggestions   Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:54 pm

When I started a new playthrough I went through Gophers list of mods, I found it was a good place to start.
4GB Fallout New Vegas v1.6
A Familiar Friend - The Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy v12
Ammo Ingredients as Loot v1.0
Armored Bounty Hunter Duster v1.0
Better Smoke and Ballistics v1.0
Better Tag Skills
Black Leather Armored Duster v1.2
Bornagain NV the Book Of Water
Bottle That Water v1.05
Brighter Pipboy Light v1
Burning Campfire 3.0
CASM_NV v1.0.2b
Clint Eastwood -Man With No Name- Pack v1.0
Delay DLC - TTW v2.0
DarNified UI NV
DYNAVISION 3 - Total Visual Enhancement v1.0
Easy Unlocking - Easy Hacking - Guaranteed Pick Pocket v1.0.5
ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland v12a
EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements v1.15a
Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2 v2.12
Flashlight NVSE v1.22
FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting v1.12
I Got Spurs v1.0
Improved Automatic Ironsight animations v1.0
Improved LOD Noise Texture v1.00
Interior Lighting Overhaul v6.6
Missing Ammo Recipes v1.32
Mobile Truck Base v1.4
More Perks v2.4.6
New Vegas Bounties I v1.5
New Vegas Restoration - NVR v10
New Vegas Stutter Remover v4.1.30
New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets v1.4
New Vegas Uncut 1 - Rotface to Riches v1.2
New Vegas Uncut 2 - A Koch and Bohr Story v1.1
New Vegas Uncut 3 - A Van Graff Scorned v1.1
New Vegas Uncut 6 - If It Wasnt For Betsy v0.1
New Vegas Uncut 7 - Pacers Gambit v1.0
NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas v1.0
NVEC - New Vegas Enhanced Content (Bugfix) v3.4b
NVInteriors Project v1.5
One HUD - oHUD v1.0.1
Portable Campsite v1.0.2
Project Nevada v2.5
Quicker PipBoy Light v1.01
Ranger Helmet Neck Cover v1.0
The Mod Configuration Menu v1.5
The Someguy Series v1.0
The Strip Entrance v1.0
The Weapon Mod Menu v1.2
Unified HUD Project - uHUD v3.7
Wasteland Flora Overhaul (Dead) v2.8a
Weapon Animation Replacers
Weapon Animation Replacers FOMOD v1.0.2
Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX v1.1.1
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP v1.95
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP v5
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PostSubject: Re: New play through mod suggestions   Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:58 pm

@Lucianhector Thank you. You can find a lot of good mods if you just look deep in the Nexus. Also, wiith FO3, since it is on the same engine and uses the same file paths as FNV, you can use any type of texture mod as long as it doesn't have a esp.

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PostSubject: Re: New play through mod suggestions   

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New play through mod suggestions

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