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NVBIII After thoughts(SPOILERS)

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NVBIII After thoughts(SPOILERS)

Post by dantaefetticus on Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:48 pm

While this may be late and there is a good chance somebody made a discussion about this already, I still want to discuss NVBIII. It was great. I thought it was a great sendoff to the Someguy Series. The characters were really good, and the story was great. Since this is a discussion on the mod, I will heavily warn you about spoilers. Like, if you didn't play this mod or any mod in the series: 1. Play them, they're great. 2. If you don't really care, read away.

Now that we got that out of the way, I will talk about my favorite and least favorite thing about NVBIII. My favorite would definitely be how Marko was handled. Finding out Virgil was Marko all this time made my jaw drop. I had to pause the game and think about what happened. What made me think was how well Someguy crafted Marko. I sympathized for him when he told his story and kinda respected him on his outlook on life, but when he killed Randall, I was in a loss of words. All I wanted to do then was shoot him the face. I think Marko's outlook on life was that there has to be bad in the world or what will the good do? Nothing. Also, from what he said during the final battle, he was ready to die. He simply didn't care about life anymore after Sergio's death. He,in a way, wanted to start over. After we, the player, killed him, he knew he had a win win situation. If he kills you, he has avenged his brother, buried a legend, and can now start anew. If you kill him, he knows that you're not gonna recover from this. Your mentor that you saw as your friend is dead, a town of people that you tried to save is dead, and people now see you as a failure. He is gonna haunt you in your sleep and laugh at your misery. Someguy handled that perfectly.

Now my least favorite thing would sadly have to be the world of Utah. I found it really empty and just a path to go through. I can understand, however. Someguy would have to spend HOURS upon HOURS then usual just to add more stuff to do. This is not the Mojave, so he had to start from scratch. I can see that he was more focused on the story and characters more than anything. I may not know what goes on in his head, but that is my theory. Overall, this was a great conclusion to the mod. Now on to the next big mod... The Frontier.

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Re: NVBIII After thoughts(SPOILERS)

Post by Distortion on Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:58 am

I really loved the New Vegas Bounties series. Someguy's mod should have honestly been a quest in the game. The worldspace i wasn't really to fond of but, did enjoy the work they did to the place. The story line to wrap this up was pretty intense and enjoyable. I completely forgot about virgil and then he comes back and i remembered face. Just kind of said "really?" Than the final battle was tough as crap, he had a lot of health and massive amounts of damage. As always, I enjoyed the voice acting and the quests didn't seem to crazy or against the story itself. All around 5/5 for me.


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