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March 2017
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 Anyone else really want a new force unleashed?

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone else really want a new force unleashed?   4/24/2016, 7:31 pm

I want a starwars game with the control style of metal gear rising revengance. It would make lightsaber combat much more interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone else really want a new force unleashed?   4/25/2016, 4:36 am

It can be good to have a new Force Unleashed but I don't expect that game forward because if we have the same result as the second I don't buy it.
The developers have to change the hero and the story : they have enough massacred Marek in the second so he must be able to rest in peace.
But they must keep the gameplay elements wich made the success of the first game like using strong powers to eliminate many enemies at one strike.

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone else really want a new force unleashed?   4/25/2016, 5:07 am

YES!! I love both Force Unleashed games!! Yes, even the second one. Starkiller is my favorite Star Wars character!! Sadly, I'm almost certain we may never see another game since Disney called it "non canon". Oh well...At least we have the first two.
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone else really want a new force unleashed?   4/25/2016, 11:24 am

I couldn't agree more with you man that would sure be pretty awesome.
Played both games myself when I was still on console and I sure enjoyed it. Although I have to mention that I felt both games getting kind of repetetive after a while.

Just your average guy with a love for post-apocalyptic games.

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PostSubject: Eh   10/3/2016, 6:07 am

After replaying tfu1, I remembered that the Juno/Galen was very forced despite being a plot point. They rarely talked or socialized, but somehow became a thing? Galen was also a bit of a flat character.

I'd play a third just to know what happens next, but they would need to revise everything. Put more emphasis on story, dialogue, and character interaction. In the first game, the only characters that really ever "connected" we're Vader/Galen and Koda/Galen. The rest were just "there".

They would also need to fix the combat. It was pretty broken. I get that they wanted to put emphasis on force powers, but if you're going to do that then put more powers in. The lightsaber was only good against weak enemies. Using it against bigger enemies like a dark trooper ended up with you getting thrown around a lot. Spamming lightning was a winning button. Force push was fun, but only worked on a few types. The explosion thing was cool, but it didn't do that much damage and drained your force power(I know they made it better in 2, but the only people it would kill could be killed just as easily any other way). Lightning shield was a joke. Grip was fun and also too overpowered. If you had trouble on an enemy, you grip them and drop the over the edge. Fight ended.

They need to fix the lightsaber. It's like a wiffle bat. It will take care of weak enemies, but it just tickles bigger ones.

It would need to be longer. Both were very short. Two was short because of deadlines, but one was almost as short. It only feels noticeably longer because they toss tough(not necessarily difficult. Just damage sponges) enemies in your path. You can skip a ridiculous amount of those fights. If you do that, you'll notice just how small the levels are.

All in all I'd like a third, but it would need to revise the faults. Though it's safe to say it will never happen. EA has the rights to sw games and they're not going to do non-canon stories. If they do a star wars game that's story based, it's likely going to be part of the new canon. Disney probably wouldn't want them to enforce the old canon. They'd want their new canon to be up front.

Edit: forgot to mention they should ditch the choice system. It really doesn't feel right when the story progresses as you being good, but then suddenly you choose to go dark. In one you were dark for half the game, but then you went light. There were no indications in the ending half that hinted Galen would go dark again so it didn't feel right. In two, you were light exclusively and it felt very wrong to have the option to go dark. There was no build up of dark actions in two. Just light actions.
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Anyone else really want a new force unleashed?

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