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 [Solved]Fallout 4 - Beard Transparency

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PostSubject: [Solved]Fallout 4 - Beard Transparency   Fri Dec 18, 2015 4:22 pm

Hey GUNers, have noticed during my gameplay, that when you equip/choose a long beard, it wont be display with the same depth as in the racemenu or the barber menu. during the gameplay, when you look around you characters face and zoom in, the beard is full and thick. when you zoom out the beard gets so thin and fine that you hardly could recognize what beard form you got selected.

any ideas how to slow that? i am sure it has something to do with the alpha transparency of the beard nifs.

zoom in:

gameplay view:


playing around in nifskope and set the threshold from 90 to 50, with that result

NiAlphaProperty - Treshold at 50:

ok as i see no one matters realy this issue but anyway i find out that you dont have to edit the nifs. instead i edited the fAlphaTestRef from the Beard_1bit.BGSM located in the materials folder.

default vanilla setting is "fAlphaTestRef" : 90
i think that change the amount to 70 is the best solution. you see the full beard also with the detail thinner lines caused by the alpha channel in the textures.


here is the file. just replace it with the original one located in ...Fallout 4\Data\Materials\actors\Character\FacialHair
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[Solved]Fallout 4 - Beard Transparency

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