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January 2017

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 [Solved]Fallout 4 - No Audio in cutscenes

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PostSubject: [Solved]Fallout 4 - No Audio in cutscenes   Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:39 pm

hi GUNers, i got an odd issue first my game crashed when i try to open the showlooksmenu via console - fixed this with reinstalling the whole game hehe.

now i got no mods installed no mod manager nothing changed everything is default. so when it comes to an interaction with someone and the cutscenen dialog starts, the audio disapears. so no sound of the voice. not from the npc and not from the player. anyone had the same issue? please dont tell me to reinstall it again, pleaaassseeeeee  

Edit: Have solved the problem by updating my drivers for sound. thats it! BrickWall Headbutt
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[Solved]Fallout 4 - No Audio in cutscenes

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