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May 2018

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 fallout 4 combat series

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PostSubject: fallout 4 combat series    Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:29 am

ok so ive only now started to make youtube vids thanks to my xbox being able to allow me via twitch so this is kinda just to help me get some people watching my channel even if its only a few

ok so what is fallout 4 combat series well its so far gonna be a 2 season thing thats basically a roleplay but i wont be talking. 1st one will follow the soldiers rex (me) and danes 2nd season will be jackson (me) and mcgreedy im thinking 1st one will be a side with the brotherhood sorta thing till i have to decide what to do with dans then spare him but cut all ties then on 2nd one is where dans meets mcgreedy and Jackson two elite soldiers in the minutemen who offer to help they go to war with the bos because all they care about is tech not the people {ive not completed the game but to me it looks like all they want is the tech for them self's they don't care about helping just controlling} so yea that's what the fallout 4 combat series is maybe when mods come out i may use some in which case i wont review but will link

i will also be doing other videos related to fallout 4 like a lone survivor or maybe a raider and just some random vids also alot of vids where i get blowen up alot Very Happy

here is the 1st episode

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fallout 4 combat series

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