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January 2017

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 Fallout 4 Pre-builds

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PostSubject: Fallout 4 Pre-builds   Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:02 am

Hi GUNners,

I'm sure you all have heard/or know about this site --> , which lets you to speculate and calculate on how you'll build your character in game. As said at the site, lots of these perks' descriptions are just speculations and the items on the site are just ones we've already seen (not all the items that are in the game) from the game trailers and teasers, so don't question why there are so few weapons and outfits  or chems  Silly .

And it seems we'll be starting Fallout 4 rough (normally you get 5 points on each SPECIAL skill but now you have 1 on each and have a total of 21 points to put wherever you want, but it makes it difficult because you'll be missing out on one or another or all of them, should you decide to do a more focus build on something or a more balanced build).

Anyway, here's my build:

As you can see I'm running outta luck and put most of my points on Charisma (I really want that Wasteland Whisperer perk which gives you a chance to "pacify" a creature and make it do your biddings closed eyes smile) with a low endurance and "eh" Strength and Perception and Agility, plus a decent Intelligent to get more experiences. I'm thinking of putting more points on Agility while take a few out of Perception but not so sure at the moment AtWitsEnd .

Share your build. RockOn

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Fallout 4 Pre-builds

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