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February 2017

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 Fallout 4 Quest Modding?

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PostSubject: Fallout 4 Quest Modding?   Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:37 am

I'm interested to know what the community thinks about quest modding. Smile

I'm particularly excited to see what scripters come up with when making dynamic quest mods.. There were already so many amazingly done and well scripted quest mods like Cube Experimental, The Mothership Zeta Crew, Project Heaven For Fallout 3..And stuff like Project Brazil and now The Frontier coming out for Fallout: New Vegas.

However, I understand the scope of rarity on well designed quest mods like those..Though I think with a potentially redone G.E.C.K along with the fact that Modding is becoming more mainstream, we might see an increase of them available. Don't you think? We got a lot to mess around with in F4 it seems. :3

What types of quest mods do you guys mainly want to see? What do you potentially think will be possible out of speculation?
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4 Quest Modding?   Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:17 am

I'll play just about every quest mods, as long as it's voice acted and the gameplay doesn't bore me to death, with some sort of plot and story of course. It's going to take months after release of the mod kit before we see any decent quest mods though.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4 Quest Modding?   

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Fallout 4 Quest Modding?

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