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December 2017

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 Changing Clip Size Code

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Gray Wolf


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PostSubject: Changing Clip Size Code   Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:24 pm

I've looked but can't find anything anywhere, and from the research I've done, I don't know how to implement the code I do know. I want to make a custom ammolist (easy), where if one type of ammo is chosen, there will be a clip size of ten, whereas if another type is chosen, the projectile, damage, sound, and clip size is changed. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: Changing Clip Size Code   Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:47 am

Assuming you mean multiple variations of the same weapon (your post is somewhat vague in that regard) that each fire different kinds of projectiles, its fairly easy to do.

Using a 10mm pistol as an example, you would need to create:

10mm Pistol 'Master' weapon (this is the item you'd loot and select in your inventory)
10mmPistolSA (standard ammo)
10mmPistolIA (incendiary ammo)
10mmPistolEA (explosive ammo)

You would script the Master weapon so that selecting/equipping it brings up a list, allowing you to choose which version of the 10mm Pistol you want to use. Choosing one of the ammo types adds that weapon to your inventory with the player.additem command.

And because each 'ammo type' is actually a standalone weapon in the GECK/plugin, you could make those weapons as distinct as you want.  Model/texture, projectile type, ammo capacity, etc.
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Gray Wolf


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PostSubject: Re: Changing Clip Size Code   Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:08 pm

Hey Tes. Nice avatar too! Ha ha!

Thanks for the response. Sorry for the lack of detail at the time. It was really late and I was about to pass out. What I am working on is a pistol with an underbarrel shotgun. By pressing UP on the D-Pad (or 2 if using a keyboard), one can switch the type of ammo they are using for a gun. I have that part figured out, so that the ammo available is either 10mm or 12ga.

Now, using the script functions "GetWeaponAmmo", "GetWeaponAmmoUse", "GetWeaponClipRounds", and/or "SetWeaponClipRounds", I'd like to make it so that when using the 10mm ammo, the clip size is 15, but when using the 12ga shells, it's only 1. I've never used those functions before, and haven't been able to find an example of how they are used. Hope that helps.


Ok, so I figured it out finally in order to be more productive. However, I'm still having trouble with the code (see below). When on the default ammo (9mm), I start with 10 rounds in a ten round magazine. I'll fire three shots, leaving me with 7 rounds left in the magazine. I switch to the shotgun ammo and the magazine capacity changes to 1. I fire one shot and then reload. Then I'll switch back to the 9mm ammo, and the magazine capacity changes back to 10. So far so good.

Now, when I switch back to the 9mm ammo, there is only one round in the magazine from when it was using the shotgun ammo. I have to reload like normal in order to refill the magazine. What is supposed to happen is that after the magazine capacity changes back to 10, the magazine should be reloaded back to the 7 rounds that were left over from before switching to the shotgun shells. This is the last part of this stage in the mod before I move on to changing other values (damage done, projectile used, firing sound, etc.) the same way.


scn GunScript

ref Gun
ref GunAmmoType

int CurrentAmmoLevel
int NewAmmoLevel

Begin GameMode

let Gun := Player.GetEquippedObject 5
let GunAmmoType := GetPlayerCurrentAmmo

set NewAmmoLevel to 1

if Gun == DoublePistol
   if GunAmmoType == Ammo9mm
      SetWeaponClipRounds 10 DoublePistol      ;Set Magazine Capacity to 10.
      if NewAmmoLevel == 0
         SetPlayerCurrentAmmoRounds CurrentAmmoLevel   ;Set Ammo Level to CurrentAmmoLevel.
         set NewAmmoLevel to 1

      set CurrentAmmoLevel to GetPlayerCurrentAmmoRounds   ;Set CurrentAmmoLevel to current ammo level.
      SetWeaponClipRounds 1 DoublePistol      ;Set Magazine Capacity to 1.
      set NewAmmoLevel to 0


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PostSubject: Re: Changing Clip Size Code   

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Changing Clip Size Code

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