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April 2018

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 Constantly updating player control script problem

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PostSubject: Constantly updating player control script problem   Sun May 31, 2015 2:13 pm

Alright, so I'm playing DUST and I thought XRE Cars would be a great addition, since I'm already playing as Mad Max and all that. Anyway, to the problem:

Note that this is long and boring, but I'd appreciate if you actually read it Vault boy Smile

When entering a car in XRE, the "disableplayercontrols" command is obviously used, to make the cars properly drivable. Now, some mod seems to spam "enableplayercontrols" every few seconds, which causes the following problems:
-Free camera (messes up the car's locked camera, causing the speed meter to spasm all over the screen)
-3rd person view and player character freefalling in the air (this happens because controls are enabled) This also causes the camera to spasm up and down, because the player is floating up and down in the air instead of being "locked in place" for the driving sequence.

Everytime I use "disableplayercontrols" the problem is fixed, but here's the weird part: Player controls are AUTOMATICALLY enabled every few seconds, making it completely unplayable. I thought the falling and 3rd person-related issues were because of Helpless Falling and NV Enhanced Camera, but I have both disabled.

Now I'm thinking DUST might be the culprit - this mod disables all quests, since you only need to survive, so it would make sense to have the player controls enabling in case the player walked into a trigger for a quest, which would lock them in place. If that's the case, it's terrible, because I want to play these 2 together, badly.

Oh, and I have XRE Cars.esp last in the load order, so it's not another mod "overriding".
Any ideas how to get rid of this little troublemaker?

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Constantly updating player control script problem

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