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February 2017

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 If I could make a fallout game.

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PostSubject: If I could make a fallout game.   Wed May 06, 2015 2:27 pm

So in the "Where do you want the next fallout to take place?" thread I started some posting and got to thinking.

If I were able to make a Fallout game where would I stage it and why.

A few ideas popped into my head. The one that stood out to me mostly was the following. Hope you enjoy.


After the "War never changes" Intro begins the tutorial set inside the Norad Command Center. The year 2377 "according to fallout lore the year the US SHOULD be habitable again"

Your roll:

As a decendant of the last remaining official US government generations have passed with you and the rest of the remnants of leadership. The years go by, generation after generation are born, grow old and die... At long last the year the world should be re-livable arrives. The Command bunkers AI sparks to life. P.O.G addresses you.

"Greetings...zzzzt.... Errr.... Error... I do apologise my data banks seem to have eroded during my systems hibernation. Please step to the DNA-Evaluation-Nexus to confirm identity with my security servers." (BAM Character creation)

"Zzzzt...Ah that is better, that we have established who you are allow me to introduce myself. I am Protectorate Of Governance 3000, you may call me P.O.G and as I am awake it would appear the time has finally come to restore the government to this county. Now let me just connect with the outlaying area... Zzzt.... Error.... Strange my scans are not detecting any of the previous cities... Ohh myyyyy (writing that I could very much imagine George Takei doing the voice for POG)

After a brief run down of what should be out there POG detects a settlement to the west no name is on file but life signs are detected. POG reasons that this would be the best place to start (during your journey to the new settlement you complete the basic combat tutorials etc etc)

First Settlement and establishing your role as dun dun dun.... The Ambassador......

Yes you guessed it. As a descendant of the original government the other survivors and POG have entrusted you with rebuilding the US (Now given the scope of such a task the game could be any size really you could have the main game in and around colorado and DLC's expanding to include new states/cities another of my personal choices would be Houston/Texas and include nasa and with that a possible DLC that takes you to the moon.

The first settlement Lorado Springs (what remains of colorado springs)

here you meet various NPCS that set you off on side quests give you the first view of this particular area of the wastes. I envision it as a sort of Barter Town vibe. Representatives of all the major factions are here. The town itself is a lawless haven (think deadwood but in the future) yet all the major factions want it for its proximity to the fabled Norad (Ooooh I hear you cry! I'm from there shhhhhh)

Here is where you decide to immediately align with one of the major players or simply go off and do your own thing, work out your own way of bringing governance back.


Brotherhood of Steel are powerful in a new spin on them I would put a corrupt elder in charge in the years since DC and Mohave the Elders have begun to infight and ultimately become bitter and more disillusioned with the world. While not an evil faction as such. The current Elder Lorrick is somewhat of an aggressive would be dictator (BoS questline Honor or Dominance) your dealings with this iteration of the brotherhood has some serious implications

We are Legion. You guessed it. After hoover dam and ceaser's death. (whichever way. I would like to see an option at the beginning of the game where you pick the outcome of previous games and that affects the storyline of the current game) The legion remodeled itself with a Pantheon of Leadership instead of one man the leaders do not have names or atleast are not willing to give them and simply refer to themselves as "We".

The Commonwealth: You know these guys have so much unexplored potential and yet its barely been touched. During the years since DC the influence of the Commonwealth has spread. Less of an aggressive bunch but very much the 'upper class' of current society. The commonwealth have little time for the dregs of society instead want to progress technology and further their own power.

The Hubologists: The first of the religious factions in the game. (and a shout back to fallout 1&2) not a power player as such here but certainly a source for side quests a plenty.

Scions of the Master: Everyone's favorite big green meanies are back yes your right Super Mutants. Although these are somewhat different human scientists found an FEV testing center and with data transmitted from the Vaults in DC they have continued work on the virus perfecting it and its transformation of humans into a new breed of Neo-Mutants. More intelligent and highly skilled these Mutants have discovered the tales of the Master (Fallout 1) and hail him as the Creator now they have formed a Cult dedicated to the Master's Vision and while on the front they seem to want to finally put the hatred between humans and mutants behind them. Hidden from prying eyes they continue to slowly change the human populace of Colorado and surrounding areas.

thats all I have for the moment.

Hope you liked it who knows maybe it could be a mod for the new fallout game eh.

Thanks for listening Chhiiiillllldren

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PostSubject: Re: If I could make a fallout game.   Wed May 06, 2015 9:27 pm

*applause* That was awesome, I loved it. It leaves the story open to however you want to play it. Say I didn't want to be the leader of the nation, maybe im just some average joe coming out of the command bunker to explore the colorado wasteland or maybe I want to be a dictator like ruler bent on destroying factions.

I think a cool antagonist could be someone of power that knows about the command bunker but was never able to open or destroy it so he monitors it and when you come out and head to Lorado Springs the town is attacked by a group of assassins. once the assassins are dealt with you can ask the local towns people and they will tell you all about this man that basically runs all of Colorado and his agents.

Ill remember you all in therapy!
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PostSubject: Re: If I could make a fallout game.   Thu May 07, 2015 10:45 am

Nice idea. would make a great way to introduce the big bad of the game. I like it
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PostSubject: Re: If I could make a fallout game.   

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If I could make a fallout game.

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