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 Do they Deserve to die?

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Judge Red


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PostSubject: Do they Deserve to die?   Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:52 pm

Okay, so this has always bothered me in Fallout NV, and to a lesser degree Fallout 3. Heres the meaning behind this topic:
Autumn, Benny, Ulysses, and Eulogy Jone are just some of the examples of people we want to kill in these two games. But see with the exception of Eulogy Jones, I never did kill Benny or Ulysses (Autumn I killed a few times for his gun) because I didnt see a point. (Prepare for a long explanation as to why I never killed some of the more annoying or dickish characters. And why I always kill certain characters.


Eulogy Jones:


I would state other characters I find people kill just because they are ....supposed dicks or because they are bad people unjustifiably or because they should be killed. But sometimes you just gotta ask, is the guy worth the caps it would take after hes dead to get healed and ammo?
So what do you guys think? Is there anyone you think gets too much hate, or you let survive despite all others saying he should die. Or someone others let survive because of one reason that you dont agree with and just want to kill them for the Lolz?
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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Tue Apr 28, 2015 3:12 pm

Fun Fact: Colonel Autumn? He disagreed with Eden's plans to wipe out the wasteland. Yes he was following orders but he disobeyed multiple times. IE ordering the Enclave to kill you. If you look closer, he did that because he didn't want to risk you, the player, inputting the FEV into the Project Purity device and kill everyone.

Autumn was born and raised as an Enclave Citizen. He only knows the Enclave way, and the fact he deferred from that ever so slightly spared him in my later playthroughs. Later ones. When I found all that out.

Before that I mercilessly slaughtered him. lol.

"Welcome to Task Force Revenant."
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Judge Red


Posts : 864
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Age : 25
Location : Ireland

PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Tue Apr 28, 2015 3:27 pm

Well then there is another reason not to kill him, but kill him if ya like after all. Its your playthrough
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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Tue Apr 28, 2015 3:33 pm

The only two I always end up offing is Benny and Autumn. Benny for a simple reason, he shot me in the head.. If it wasn't for Victor or Doc Mitchell the courier would have been dead, plain and simple. So of course, its reasonable to want to take Benny out. I always plaster the fink's brains all over his private suite bar when I catch him off guard at the Tops. Colonel Autumn, even you learn he disagrees with Eden's "final solution", is the reason your father is dead. Autumn even had a Project Purity scientist executed in cold blood for no reason. He's a waste that needs to be eradicated every time I play.
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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:40 pm

Ok then I have to ask.
what do you guys do with chief hanlon?
I mean I like him he knows the war will not end and try to help toughen the ncr even after general Oliver disrespect the Rangers and hates that they got credit.
also he understands the ncr problem...the strip sucks up ridiculous orders just because Oliver is angry that they got credit.
but why does he even try to help the ncr rather than organize the Rangers for a reunite of the desert rangers?
I mean the agreement on the plaque was for ncr protection of southern Nevada, new vegas and hoover dam from the legion and based on Nipton, cottonwood cove they failed that.
I let him live just because of being a desert ranger.
Now also do you kill house?
he is a weird lose karma for killing him is he good?
I'm sure this question is asked alot but is there an answer?
What about the khans?
I mean yeah they're tough and have a sad story but they are savages and are dirty.
they do nothing helpful to the Wasteland...even I like the real mongols but they are not them.
so I kill great khans yes but just because they are useless and unhelpful.
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Judge Red


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Age : 25
Location : Ireland

PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:47 pm

House I always kill, sometimes for shits and giggles, other times because hes a dick
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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Tue Apr 28, 2015 11:20 pm

House = dead! grade A deuche nossle
Autumn = I dont like to kill him just because he's enclave but he did kill me pappy
Ceasar = Well now like stated above he's kind of a murdering psycho but in this time of harshness dictatorship is sometimes a needed evil.
Ulysses = Well I kinda love to hate the guy but he does have a point. so I flutter between killing and not killing depending on playthrough and mood
Benny = Well he shot me in my thinky place. had it been a shot to the happy place it would most definately be death but sometimes I let him go just to see him axed by the legion later on
Eulogy = Yes he's a slaver and yes he's bad but he does have a nice pad and a comical outfit.
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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:58 am

Benny: He shot me in the head and had me buried alive... Dead.

Ulysses: I let him live most of the time because he didn't really do anything wrong to me, and like Vandeburger, it depends on my mood.

Autumn: I'm not sure about this guy, sometimes I want to kill him and other times I don't. He doesn't like Eden that much and definitely doesn't like his plan about the wastes, but he still killed innocents to get what he wanted. Imho, he's the lesser of two evils, but that doesn't make him a good guy, so he usually dies but sometimes is spared.  

Eulogy Jones: I don't usually play as a slaver type char, so he usually doesn't survive in my play through.

Caesar: I don't usually let this guy live, I don't agree with his ideals for the most part and he's arrogant. But I do like that the Legion takes care of threats like raiders without hesitation, but that's about the only thing I like about their system.  

Sticky: Annoying, so he rarely makes it out of Lamplight.
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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:09 am

Benny - killed him, for courier, Chance and Singer. Some cats may have a smooth moves and i got a shotgun, guess who won.
Ulysses - killed him cause crazy preachers and nukes don't go well togerther.
Autumn - haven't got there yet in Fallout 3.
Eulogy - he's alive, he sold me Clover, he's got nice outfit, nice pad, nice quotes, well pretty much everything about this guy is nice. If you're into bad carma and slavery in Fallout 3.
Caesar - killed him. Cause nobody likes lyers mr. Edward S(h)allow
Sticky - spared him, via coin toss.
Mayor MacCready/Princess/ - tried to kill them, failed, installed a right mod, killed them.


"And the Iceman cometh Sander baby. The Iceman f%#&ing cometh..."
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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:24 am

House - It depends on the goals of my character. But I generally like the guy and think his plan best suits Vegas.

Autumn - I never knew you could spare him.. So oh well. Either way I would have killed Dad myself, he's a jerk making you leave the safety of the Vault and placing you in numerous life or death situations.

Ceasar - I understand his actions. Yes they're cruel and morally gray if not bordering on black. But in the long run civilization would be restored hundreds if not thousands of years sooner if he built a lasting empire. - But and here's the thing most of my characters think he's utterly evil. So yeah I've killed him multiple times.

Ulysses - I don't have a reason to really kill him. Sure he's going to nuke both the NCR and Legion. But they're both jerkwads, plus I really want those armors for my collection.

Benny - Benny. He's all about revenge for me. Some of my characters will give him the Black Widow death. Others a fully loaded 12 gauge.

Eulogy - I just want his suit.. Otherwise I don't really care.

General Oliver - Him I just like to watch my Securitrons toss him over the Dam. Because reasons.


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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:34 am

Benny: Kill for his gun and suit.

Ulysses: Let him live

Autumn: Sometimes kill him for his outfit and gun (I collect uniques)

Eulogy: Kill him for that bad ass suit after I've recruited Clover.

Caesar: Kill him for his armor and because he is a douche. He may bring order, but he brings it through slavery, torture, and bullying.

Sticky: I usually listen to music while playing with low game volume, so this guy really didn't bug me that much. I can see why people would want to though.

Roy Phillips: I sympathized with the ghouls, went through the trouble of running all the bigots out of Tenpenny Tower, got everyone to go along with letting the ghouls live there, and left feeling like I did my good deed for the week. Come backs, turns out he killed everyone anyway (including Herbert Dashwood. Since then, I kill him and Three Dog can kiss my ass.

Herbert & Bob: I feel for the guy, so I perform a mercy killing. Having the Capital Wasteland covered in vegetation may be nice, but it's probably not the good kind of vegetation if it was made with Chemical X

Tenpenny: It's just a playthrough tradition for me. The guy just sits there, begging to be sent flying off the top of the building with copious amounts of explosives. What do you expect me to do?

Moriarty: I like having Gob run the bar better

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.
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Emperor Slyther


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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:56 am

I'll categorize it for each game...

Fallout New Vegas:

Fallout 3:

That would be my take...

"Humans are anything if not primitive, violent savages as they are selfish and deceitful animals of whom's nature is highly unpredictable. War and conflict are two known elements the humans bring upon themselves, and as much as I like to say 'Fuck it, let's kill 'em all...', but there are still few good, and those loyal and connected with my family. I want the relations between us to heal. Though if anything, I'll find all the bad apples and pull them by the roots. Let it be known to their rulers and conspirators against my race, that if you threaten the people of the Sniperdragon Kingdom, then you are playing with FIRE. And I intend to pour some gasoline..."
-Slyther on the cold, hard truth about humanity...

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PostSubject: Re: Do they Deserve to die?   

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Do they Deserve to die?

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