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 Far Cry 3 P416

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PostSubject: Far Cry 3 P416   Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:43 pm

This one took me the most time due to its various attachments and camos closed eyes smile.

- Ubisoft: the model , texture , bushman camo and sound.
- gogoldorak( Rip , share the model, texture.
- black-light-studio: Camo pattern(C.E.L.L).
- Duds: Suppressor shoot sound.
- (the background pic)

This package included: P416 , P416 with Acog , P416 with Suppressor , and P416 with Acog and Suppressor.
Also included weapon sound(normal and suppressed) , Bushman and C.E.L.L camourflage(credits above).

- Suppressed versions have bullet trails under the gun barrel, I have no idea how to fix this, and I won't be to because I don't have the tools and the game installed anymore.

1: Open SparkIV and open weapons.img(C:/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/models/cdimages)
2: Import the model you chose(p416 acog , or suppresor , or normal or both) , save , close.
2: If you don't want to use camourflage , then skip this step
To use camourflage(C.E.L.L or Bushman) , simply import the file included in C.E.L.L Camourflage or
Bushman Camourflage's folder(remember to do step 2 first).

- How to install the sound:
1: Open SparkIV , go to pc/audio/sfx and open resident.rpf then click RESIDENT , find and export
(Remember to back it up first)
2: Open GTA Ivaud(version 1.1.5 is recommended)
3:If you already have it, skip this step
If you don't have it , then go to google and search it and then download it.
4: Use GTA Ivaud and open WEAPONS.ivaud(the file you just extracted) then look for M4_SHOT1_L and
M4_SHOT1_R . Then right click and replace both of them with 2 files located in the folder(depends
on the choice you chose , if you choose the one with suppressor , then replace it with the .wav
file in that folder, same goes for the one without suppressor)
5: Save and then use SparkIV and open up resident.rpf and import WEAPONS.ivaud back and then save.

This weapon replaces m4.

Original release page



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PostSubject: Re: Far Cry 3 P416   Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:28 am

An enjoyable mod! Really like the sound!

Love DJ Khaled, Always.
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Far Cry 3 P416

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