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 Day Report - 26th Febr. 2014

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PostSubject: Day Report - 26th Febr. 2014   Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:52 pm

Day report - 26.02.2014
(all other Daily Reports can be found here: )

Happy to announce all suggestions/requests made until now have been fulfilled today  What a Face 

- Added User Title/Nickname - Check your profile settings and customize it to your needs  bounce 

- Added Reputation system - Total count should show under avatar  cyclops 
+ and - buttons should show in upper right corner of every post.
I've limited usage of up to 5 points/day with a 15 seconds time between them
so that people don't just spam the rep system for the sake of it.

- Added Signatures to appear on every post - it doesn't apply retroactively, your signature will display only on your future posts  Arrow so get posting  Exclamation  

Other suggestions/requests received:
- currently none  Sleep 

- have launched a challenge to create a 16x16 button/icon to enhance our forum's identity  alien 
check here for more info:

EDIT: New News:
- we've brought back the old VGU background image.
I hope it will make it feel more like home now Very Happy
Don't thank me, thank SixPowered (aka MintyFresh).
Hooray for visual improvement  cheers 

Don't forget to vote for our site's banner:

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Day Report - 26th Febr. 2014

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