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April 2018

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PostSubject: Introduction   Fri Oct 31, 2014 10:17 pm

I'll try this again.

To be blunt, I'm here for the mods. I find that those found on the Nexus don't compare to some of the things that can be found here. NcrVet is the reason that I found this site. All credit for me joining should be given to him.

I don't upload screenshots of F:NV to the Nexus (you can check my profile which is GamerRaizen as well) and I won't leak mods, simply because it requires entirely too much effort and would mean that I'd no longer have access to the content here.

I do believe in giving credit where it is due, but I will not feign admiration in order to butter up the admins so that I'll be able to download mods. If like something, I will gladly give kudos to the mod author and if I don't then I won't.

I know about modding and understand the amount of work that goes into the process, therefore I will never steal work and claim it as my own.
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