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 Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?

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PostSubject: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:21 pm

For most of us, all of the Fallout games have had flaws, some drastic to the way it is played, others that aren't too intrusive to the game. Either way, the hopes of a "perfect" Fallout game is rather subjective among all of us, yet is still fun to discuss ideas and fantasies of it. What would you change if you designed a Fallout game? What would you keep the same? 

Feel free to discuss:
- World Design
- Story
- Factions
- Roleplay Elements
- Mechanics
- Everything else

For me, I would love a Fallout game that has a wasteland which is deserted and bleak but has huge cities and civilisations that are well developed and complex. They would be scattered all across the map surrounded by vast open landscapes that were different in each sector of the map, like in Skyrim. Go North, you might see some snow or cold areas, while southern or western areas might be more forested or dry. Surviving buildings would be scarce to find but when you do, it could contain raiders, ghouls or super mutants, or even faction units scouting the area like the BoS searching to find technology, technical documents or holotapes, or a lost NCR squad setting up camp there. Some would be randomly generated like with enemies, but factions they would always be in specific areas for it to make sense. Each city's society would be different. You might come across cannibals or scavengers or cities that support one of the major factions and therefore abide by their laws and rules. Of course there would be neutral cities as so not to alienate the player after the main story, and they would be more common.

The settlement system would exist, although it could only be used in player homes for the player to decorate their home and customise it to their liking. There possibly could be one or two small settlements the player could build in the entire game, but there wouldn't be as many settlements as Fallout 4. The settlers would have personalities and be unique and not randomly generated, and thus this would limit how many settlers the player could have in their settlements, but after all, the settlements aren't intended to be huge cities or communities but the size of somewhere like Goodsprings or Sloan. Major factions would encourage you to build up these settlements, but not force you to, even in radiant quests, thus making the settlement system completely optional.

The main storyline would not force the player to adopt a specific role or archetype, encourage roleplaying by not giving the protagonist a pre-determined backstory (or alternatively, give as little knowledge of them as possible) and bring back the 3/NV levelling system. To reinforce this idea, main and side quests would have as many opportunities and branching decisions as possible to make playing a character actually possible. The karma system would be replaced by the reputation system completely, therefore allowing different ethics and ideas to dictate how each faction percieves the player's actions. For example, trading with the NCR would hurt the player's reputation with the Legion and increase the player's reputation with the NCR. Conversely, killing innocent NCR civilians would be frowned upon by the NCR but adored by the Legion, of course, assuming these two factions would actually exist.

In this perfect Fallout game, we would see the return of numerous mechanics and features that were abandoned by future instalments, like cars and visible holstering weapons, the ability to kill pretty much any character in the game (with consequences of course) without them being essential. VATS would require a perk to freeze time completely, but stick with the Fallout 4 slow motion VATS if you aren't agile enough to choose the perk.

If I had to decide what factions would be in a perfect Fallout game, I would probably decide to have 1 Power Armoured faction, 1 NCR-like faction and the other be a stealth faction like the Railroad. Minor factions would differ between raider gangs, scavengers and fiends, to slavers and cannibals. There would even be an independent ending where the player grows enough support from individual factions to overthrow their leader and become the new leader, therefore giving the player the choice to eradicate or make peace treaties with other factions to form a unified government in the wasteland, making the player a key figure and be targeted by hired assassins much more than they would at the start of the game.

That's enough about my idea, because I really want to hear what everybody else thinks their ideal Fallout game would be like.

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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:48 pm

I think Fallout 4's story was simply sublime.

The only problem I felt with Fallout 4 was the lack of Roleplaying mechanics, being forced to kill this guy, and raid this place. There wasn't a vast variety of options of what you can do in terms of speech and I feel this was because of the protagonist voice being introduced (which I feel should be removed) I think the settlement system should be removed due to the fact that if the map was going to be huge (as you say) because there's going to be settlements you'd have to go and protect every now and then. Unless a reward that's worthwhile is given from settlements, I'm not going to bite on the idea.

Furthermore, Fallout 4 seems incomplete, this could clearly be seen in terms of the combat zone and the lack of ability to manage the institute.

I think at this point, Fallout needs to go big. This would mean locations like: New York City or a return to California, but this time in even more immense detail. This is to make up for the somewhat disappointing Fallout 4. I agree with most of what's been said, but all I can really hope for is a fully complete Bethesda game.


"City dweller, successful fella thought to himself Oops, I've got alot of money"
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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:38 pm

I don't like the way Bethesda begin their games. You always start as a prisoner in the TES serie I find it very roleplay breacking and limited. In Fallout 3 you play young man or woman seaking his father or in Fallout 4 a middle aged man or woman seaking his little baby child. Even if you play an aged character in Fallout 3 you were many times mentioned as kid or pal but Fallout 3 stand entertaining because you follow your character from his born to his so many time occured death. The classic fallout let more freedom in creation and roleplaying of the character. Obsidian did too.
The perfect Fallout need a true introducing that lets freedom in term of creation for the player. And it must have a hard time limit on the first part of the main quest, it's a must to have in the fallout serie that was left apart.
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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:51 am

If I could have a Fallout with the mood and plot of New Vegas, the crafting and shooting mechanics of FO4, and the bleak atmosphere of FO3 then I could die a happy man lol
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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:12 am

Maybe New Orleans... IDK. Anything with better visuals than FO4 and the same amount of RPG elements as New Vegas.


"Let the past die, kill it, if you have to"
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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:50 am

A "perfect" Fallout game would probably be something that has a world with a working economy. What I mean is you can visibly see trade between two or more settlements. Settlements built up based on its location and resources not just put there for reasons.

This and being able to interact with this world and see how it affects the lives of its denizens. An example would if you could see a towns quality of life decrease if you destroyed their crops because you removed their food and their main source of trade then see how it affects the next town that cannot produce food on their own.

We should have a branching story-line as well as create the background of our characters ala mount and blade. I feel that your characters background should have a major effect on how you interact with quests in the game instead of just stat buffs as it would make for a better role play experience.

Factions should also make sense in terms of how it is created based on a towns economy, culture and lifestyle.

For some reason, Fallout games removed the old inventory system from FO1,2 and tactics. I feel this should be reintroduced and maybe reworked to something similar to escape from tarkov, stalker or maybe pubg so that bags would make sense. A pipboy should always be a journal/map and not an inventory manager where it magically spawns your loot.

I would prefer if they added more damage types(cutting/piercing/blunt/electric/fire/laser/cold) as well as have different effects based on locational damage instead of a flat damage to your HP. For example you would get a bleed debuff if you get cutting/piercing damage on your arm which would lower your main HP and would get worse if get more cutting/piercing damage.

Armor should also give you protection against these types of damages and protect the body parts that it is covering.

Crafting should always be in a fallout game i feel. Fallout 4s settlement system could also work as long as it behaves like a working town.
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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:59 pm


By that I mean, the tone, atmosphere and storytelling of the first Fallout. I'm not saying it's a perfect game (well, I am saying that, because it is) but I can admit that it has problems. Combat could be sped up a little, and be a little more dynamic, and stealth could be more fleshed out (and less tedious), and it doesn't have the more solid companion system of Fallout 2, but the principles behind the designs of the game are what make it work.

First off, it's bleak. From beginning to end Fallout oozes misery of one kind or another. You're sent out to find a water chip in another vault and you discover that that vault has been completely abandoned and left derelict, without a water chip or clue in sight. Hell, if you go the opposite direction from where you're told to go, across the mountains, you're immediately hit with dangerous mutant monsters and radiation that will kill your low level, defenceless character immediately. You're incredibly weak at the start, and the combat is pretty brutal and unforgiving.You can die easily, even in encounters with early enemies.

The game is post-apocalyptic, but it has this wonderful, gothic, Lovecraftian tone. It's full of nightmare creatures and strange, uncanny characters. You're always on the lookout for ammo, for equipment, for supplies. There's one place you'll die in if you don't bring the right kind of chems to it. Sometimes you'll see on the map the outlines of a city, so you travel there, but all you find is a disturbing wasteland full of debris and decay, with chilling ambience in the background.

The game also loves its body horror (like any good gothic literature). This is a world where people can die very violent and very horrible deaths. You melt when hit by plasma, disintegrate when hit by a laser, and can get blown apart when hit by a shotgun. It's visceral but also slightly comedic and over-the-top, perfectly matching the dark and sometimes humorous tone of the world around you. What I like about the original Fallout is that it's a horror game, and while I will always love its sequels which veer more on the ironic and science fiction/Western, they will never capture that same atmosphere of bleakness, horror, tragedy and sadness, and nor should they try. (I will say that Dead Money came closest to finding it though, just as Old World Blues came closest to recreating the tone of Fallout 2).

That's the beauty of the Fallout series. Each game has its own distinct personality. Fallout is gothic, sci-fi horror, Fallout 2 is an ironic pastiche of the original, Fallout 3 an action/adventure, New Vegas a cyberpunk western (haven't played Fallout 4). It's really a matter of what you like of those genres/styles that you can pick your preference.

I'm sure the discussion about isometric vs first person will come up. To which my answer is: whatever. If it's isometric I can use my imagination, if it's first person I can enjoy the streamlined shooter combat (and added visual details). Both have their pros and cons and I'm not really in the mood to go into them at the moment (might do later). All I'll say is, Fallout and Fallout 2's gore effects are better.

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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:05 am

Okay, lets just go ahead and through all plausibility out the window and create the perfect fallout game. Warning, long rant featuring somewhat contrary opinions ahead.
*deep breath*
FO2's dark humor and brutal writing. Plenty of references (preferably that are completely random and pretty rare that you don't need a perk for) that show that the creators really care about the genre they're working in, I know some people feel that it takes them out of the experience, but for me they feel right at home. Extreme violence and truly bizarre moments (eg: the wanamingos from FO2, "who won the lottery," the enclave call from FO2, the entirety of OWB) mixed in with scenes that humanize the NPCs (eg: Most of the writing in FNV and FO2, but particularly the enclave remnants quest and funnily enough the enclave call from FO2 again).
The game has to also be really hard, like holy shit, "Git Gud Scrub" hard. Companions that are neither annoying or too perfect, preferably that you have plenty of options with such as romance, deep and involved quests, and inputs on other quests and factions. Speaking of quests, they should be long, like, really long. I want questlines that progress almost as far as the main quest and offers you different options depending where you are in the main quest. I want the faction I choose to be extremely involved in the main quest and I want factions that cover several unique points of view and be full of interesting characters. The size of the faction doesn't matter, hell, it might be interesting for there to be a faction similar to the one in FNV thats pretty much just the player and Yes Man. This time though, you really start from scratch.
*second deep breath*
Speaking of starting, I want a completely blank check to write my characters backstory, if the devs want to be involved in the creation of the MC backstory then they've been doing it wrong this whole time, yes that includes the Vault dweller, chosen one, and courier. Give me a tag system, pick some very vague questions, but do not try and control the character that I am playing. These are role playing games, let me play the role I choose.
Choice needs to be present. There needs to be tons and tons of Dialogue choices, there needs to be long lasting and noticeable effects on the worlds depending on what the PC does. This is not a movie, this is not a visual novel, this is not a book: This is an interactive story that you are inviting me to take part in. You are putting me at the wheel, let me drive. The choices should be hard, I want moral dilemmas that make me think about real life and possibly even make me change my point of view on something.
Speaking of writing, the main quest has to be nuanced and very open, the main character has to be an outsider that has been forced to participate for any old reason, literally, any reason excerpt for personal involvement. This can come later, just do not make it a personal issue right off the bat, it seems like a good Idea, but don't. If you somehow try and make it personal to the PC immediately then the player WILL NOT have ANY involvement in the source of the issue. Shaun, what, a baby that I saw for three seconds? No thanks. My dad? You mean that guy I knew for like five minutes in a couple of cutscenes? Nah, bro. I'm good.
*third deep breath*
IF you don't want to focus too much on making the MQ really good then thats fine, but for the love of god, do not make it necessary. I have actually heard the argument that the MQ in FO and TES games don't matter but I think that's just because the last really good TES MQ was Morrowind, Oblivion was middle of the road and Skyrim was a semi-interesting power fantasy. The last really good FO MQ was FNV and Bethesda didn't even fucking make that one.
lots of guns, lots of armor, lots of customization, and a big world-space.
Fuck generic and boring characters.
Fuck voiced characters.
Fuck radiant quests.
Fuck generic guns.
Fuck bad writers.
Fuck the king,
and FUCK Todd Howard...
actually he can stay, I'm sorry I got carried away there...
No, Todd, I will not buy Skyrim agai- you know what,
Fuck Todd Howard.

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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:28 pm

I have a laundry list of points that would make the perfect Fallout game, and I will present them in a pseudo bullet point format.

- The world space needs to be interesting. I found every game except for Fallout 3 to have some pretty bland environments. I'm referring to Fallout 4 specifically. I think that game has a very bland world, with not many interesting locations. Downtown Boston is okay, but there isn't really anything I find interesting in the game to look at or explore. The Castle is okay I suppose, as well as that museum with the Deathclaw. I want some unique locations that really wow me, either through content or visuals. Like Vault 106 in Fallout 3, or Nipton in Fallout New Vegas.

- RPG elements from the classic isometric games combined with the shooting mechanics from Fallout 4

- A story that isn't boring and lifeless. I think Fallout New Vegas was good in this regard, as long as you picked Wild Card. I'm sick of being the slave to other people's ambitions. I don't want to find my son, I don't want to find my dad; I want to carve my own path through the wasteland.

- I'd like the guns to have a modern feel, sort of like New Vegas. I don't like the steampunk AR and pipe weapons of Fallout 4.

- I'd like some built in weathers other than rain and fog, or perhaps a game set during the winter.

- Some really worthwhile DLC. I loved all the DLC from the modern games (except Mothership Zeta).

- I'd like for an improved and expanded weapon and armor system, such as the one present in Fallout 4, but better.

- I'd like for the settlement and building system to remain, but with less emphasis.

- A return of the Enclave to some degree.

- I can't really ask for a silent protagonist, since those are few and far between these days, so maybe multiple voice actors for your character.

- A return of the faction system.

- I would enjoy returning characters, such as how Doctor Li was present in Fallout 4, or descendants of main characters from previous games, like Cass in Fallout New Vegas.

That's really all I can think of without hurting my head.

"The truth was like a green crack through my brain. Weapon statistics floating in the air, glimpsed out of the corner of my eye. the repetitious act of shooting, time slowing down to show off my moves. The paranoid feeling of someone controlling my every step. I was in a computer game. Funny as Hell, it was the most horrible thing I could think of."
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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   Today at 6:24 am

All the mechanics from New Vegas but with a 2 player co-op so I can explore the wasteland with a friend. I know there is a mod specificaly for that, but id still like to see it implemented in an actual title.


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PostSubject: Re: Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?   

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Your idea of a perfect Fallout game?

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