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FO4: Settlement concept sharing

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FO4: Settlement concept sharing

Post by Wertologist on Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:14 am

Building the settlements is probably my favorite thing about the game. I probably wouldn't play it if it didn't have it. Sure, the vanilla selection is absolute garbage, but that's why we have mods. The purpose of this thread is to share ideas for settlements. To inspire others to build new things. Sharing creative ideas is always fun as you may not have thought to try something and then do it.

I'll start. For disclosure, I use many mods to add new buildings, decorations, and even NPC "jobs". The "jobs" mods add things for the settlers to do so they don't all have to be farmers. For example, I can build a fish butcher and it'll produce various aquatic edibles when a settler is assigned. There's also a sandbox that settlers can "play" in to produce happiness. There's many different "job" stations for various purposes. If you're curious about them, I can link you to a few I've found.


1: This is pretty much always my "town" settlement. It holds a bit of everything. I tear up each building and build whole new ones. I have a clinic, a restaurant, a bar, a rebuilt version of the PC's house, a warehouse for producing power, a warehouse for producing water, a lodging house, a trader shop, and a farm area. There are still slots open and plenty of room to build, but I'm running out of ideas for it unless I decide to divide up the shop emporium into separate buildings.

All the buildings are wired to the power grid so there aren't just generators everywhere. The powerlines come from the warehouse that produces power. Inside the warehouse is a few fusion generators with plenty of room for more if I need to build another. It's right next to the workbench house on the corner.

The restaurant has a food trader, but also has a player cooking station and a "scavenging" station that produces various prepared meals. The restaurant is a small diner with a counter with stools and a few benches. Settlers often gather there mid-late afternoon. It's located right next to the player's original house

The bar is pretty straight forward. Just a wooden building with a bar trader and a "Drink mixer" that produces various alcoholic drinks. There are a few tables and stools at the counter. There is also a small porch with some tables outside. I also put a few "animation markers" inside to add some flair to it. This just means that a settler may walk to that marker and perform the animation. I have a dancing marker on the stage and a radio hooked up so they dance to the music. It's got a nice feel to the bar. Not too fancy, but not too wasteland-y. It's right next to the bridge on the right side.

The water producing warehouse isn't in a traditional house slot. It's at the end of the partially destroyed wall on the edge of the river and hangs over the rover so the water can be collected(not that it needs to, but it's a-e-s-t-h-e-t-i-c). Inside, there are four mod-added water pumps that I think produce 45 water. The partially destroyed wall is covered in mod-added mini-gun turrets and a missile turret.

The farm is located right next to the bar, where the chemistry crafting table is found. I tore out the whole building so there would be plenty of room for crops. Unfortunately, there was a computer in the building that I couldn't delete so I had to make a small shack for it. It worked out in the end because it's sort of a "break room". The shack has the computer sitting on a desk, a chair, and a bathroom(from that mod that adds working toilets/baths/showers). I also put up a junk wall surrounding the farm with a few guard outposts for some added protection.

The trade emporium is lacking. It's right next to the farm. It's just a clean wood shack. Nothing special about it all and it's fairly empty. All it has is clean floors and a few traders with a crate for me to store things that I intend to sell later on. It needs more work.

The lodging house. It's on the end of the street. It's just a moderately sized square shaped wooden building. The first floor has a few things like a mailman station(produces happiness), a tax collector(produces caps), and a janitor station(produces happiness). There are multiple floors that will be continuously added. There's nothing really fancy about it. Each floor is just packed full of bunk beds so I can house more settlers. I just build another floor and pack it full of bunk beds if I start to run out.

The clinic. It's on the very end of the street on the slot that's closest to the river and just above the water warehouse. It's a small two story brick building. Inside is clean institute concrete floor and relatively clean walls. There is a hospital bed and a medical trader by the counter. Along with that, there are a few other "stations" that produce various things like chems and other medical related things. On the second floor is where the main doctor sleeps, but there is also an "autopsy table" that I think produces gore bits and bones. I really need to wall that table off so it stays away from the doc's bed, but he can rough it out for a bit.

That's pretty much that settlement. I use a mod to expand the reach so I can also build up where the vault entrance is, but I just don't know what to build up there and then there is the issue of settlement attack spawners being right in the way. I put up mini-gun turrets all over to eliminate any and all threats. My guard settlers rarely have anything to do.

Starlight Drive In: This one is on a previous file that I never really got to finish, but I can explain what I had done and what the plan was. Basically, it was my end-game settlement. It was supposed to tower over the rest(literally). I tore down the big screen and all the junk cars and barrels, but left the little store part mostly intact. I then built a large wall surrounding the entire build area out of warehouse foundation blocks. The plan was to fill the walls with turrets, but I deleted the save before I could finish. Then I got to work on the main building. I was going to build a skyscraper. I have the Homemaker mod, so I could build with institute objects. The tower was going to be clean and luxurious so those parts were a necessity. The foundation of the tower was pretty expanse and ended up taking up most of my time. It pretty much took up a third of the walled off area. There was a basement level that held a few fusion reactors so I could have ample power to do what I needed to. The entrance of the tower was a nice green yard with a walkway. I have a mod that lets me place down various "ground" tiles and I put down green pre-war grass tiles. I put a small "pond", a kid's sandbox, a playscape, a small clean wood shack, a dog house, and a few flower bushes along with a nice big tree. It was a pleasant view. The first floor was the lobby. I never really got around to decorating it so it was just a big empty room that was 3 floors high. The only things in it were a door to the stairwell and a door to the pool area. The pool area was a nice custom pool from BYOP. It overlooked the small water filled crater. The pool itself was 3x4 tiles of water and the poolside floor was clean wood. On the other side of the pool, there was a small lodge of sorts which had a staircase go down below the pool. In that basement, you could look into the pool via a window. It was a luxurious pool area. Moving on, I'll talk about the next floors. The first few floors were going to be settler homes. Each room would house one or two settlers an if they were named settlers, they got a customized room. This would probably take up a few floors, but I only got around to making 3. Each floor had more than just settler housing though. On each side of the stairwell, there were un-even amounts of space so I didn't want those to be settler rooms. So I turned them into various other rooms like a shower room, a bathroom, a lounge room, a kitchen, and a small dining area. Each floor also had 2 big rooms in the center. These were designed for companions for when they weren't following me. Each room was customized to best fit that character. Nick's room had a desk and a bunch of files and filing cabinets. Piper's room was cozy and had various press related things like a printing press, news papers, and typewriters. Preston's room was fairly simple and just had Minuteman things. McCready's was full of weapons. Deacon's was just full of mannequins with various costumes since he likes to dress up a lot. Curie's room was nice and clean and also doubled as a clinic. I didn't get around to doing other follower rooms. It's at this point that I deleted the file and lost the building, but I will briefly explain what the rest of the tower would have had.

The next floor after the lodging would be the food floor. It would have just been a giant greenhouse and settlers would tend to planters full of crops all in the safety of the tower. The next floor would have been the shopping center. There were going to be a few shop rooms for armor, clothes, weapons, and junk. Then the next floor would be the dining floor. It would have had the food traders and bar trader, but also have a big cafeteria and it would have also housed the man clinic. Deacon would have worked the bar when he wasn't following me. The next floor would have been the workshop. It would house all the crafting stations and various other production stations added via mods. Those would produce things like screws, metals, and various other components. The next few floors were undecided. If you have suggestions to what those floors could be, I'm all ears. The final floor(s) would be my penthouse suite. It would have been a luxurious playerhome filled with the nicest stuff I could build. That was pretty much it for this one.

Custom Settlement: This one won't be as long as the previous one. I just built it recently. I was inspired by the movie Water World. Since no existing settlements were on the water, I needed a mod to be able to create one where ever I wanted. I chose the middle of the ocean. I went off the coast of spectacle island and found a barge with part of an airplane on top and it was floating right next to a half submerged tug boat. I'll spare the lengthy details of the start-up and just give the result. I made the tug boat my main house of that settlement and put bulkhead doors on it along with stairs leading to the upper parts of the ship. The barge was cleared and I put down a few cargo crates on it to act as settler homes. There was also a small metal shack on top of some of the crates with a garage door as it's main door. Each crate used the truck trailer sliding door. On the end of the barge, I placed the front end of the big plane. It hanged over the water and it was primarily a lounge type area with a shower and toilet in the two closets in the front. Extending from the barge were two walkways. One led to a market center that had a bar/restaurant. In the center of the platform in front of the bar was a few trader stations. On the side, there was a dock which had a sailboat and a small coastguard boat. On the side of the bar was an outhouse and a shower. Next to that was a stairway leading to the water. At the bottom of that stairway, was a partially submerged platform with a prisoner stock. The other walkway left to two additional platforms. One was supposed to be a renovated water rig station. The pumps there produced fresh water and the control building was retro-fitted to be a commons of sorts and also housed the clinic. The other platform held a small warehouse that produced power and a small greenhouse that produced food. That's pretty much it for that final settlement. The only problem I ran into with this was that attackers would spawn directly on the platforms and that led to problems.

If you have any ideas for what I could add to any of these, I'd like to hear them. If you want to share any of your settlement designs, feel free to post about them here. I'm curious to see/hear what other people have built. Maybe we can inspire each other to build new things.

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