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April 2018

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 XRE - CARS to Fallout 3

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Dead Man


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PostSubject: XRE - CARS to Fallout 3   Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:51 pm

I was just wondering if any one know if its posible to convert XRE - CARS to Fallout 3, and would all them scripts would work on it or would I have to rewrite them compleatly ??? Any Ideas

As I preffer to play Fallout 3 more then NV I would like to do this for my own use unless the author of the original mod would agree to share the Fallout 3 vesion if I'll be able to achive it, ofcourse all the credits would go to the author.

Mad Max Muscle Car
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PostSubject: Re: XRE - CARS to Fallout 3   Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:23 pm

I would say just use "Tale of Two Wastelands" its Fo3 on FNV engine. just own both games, follow the guilds and you will be golden, I got XRE cars along with titanfallout and others inside DC this way. it works, but the landscape isn't really set up for this tho, small rocks and bushes can stop you. and you must know the ID of the car you want to .placeatme. no places to get gas (but you can turn that off)  Not sure this helps but you could be driving around DC by tomorrow this way.

Pic of the Junk Jeep in DC(TTW) I did the same thing but with the ArmoredTruck in Goliath Addon pack.. fit the look of DC more
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XRE - CARS to Fallout 3

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