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Help with porting from Fallout 4 to new vegas

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Help with porting from Fallout 4 to new vegas

Post by Onceknown on Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:15 pm

Hey, okay im currently working on a mod that replaces basically all static item from fo4 to new vegas. I currently have all the models and textures i need but here is whats happening. When i open 3dsmax (2017 version) and open up the nif file, i export it so it will work with new vegas (i think the problem may be in the settings for when i export but i dont know). Anyways i then put the mesh and textures in the new vegas data folder and i open up the geck, i then go to the model i want to replace and replace it with the model i just exported but in the preview window it either shows what looks like a really thin stretched texture, or no mesh/texture at all. Ive ported things into new vegas before (what i mean by that is i have successfully gotten a model ported into the game but i have no clue how to give it collision so i wont walk through thats anouther problem that if anyone knows how to fix i would love to know how to) anyways, ive tried this with a few different models and it only seems to be happening with the models ive takin from fallout 4. If anyone knows how to fix this or can be of any help it would be greatly appreciated, also i can post screenshots if anyone asks. Thanks HappyRun

p.s the model loads up in nifscope just fine

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