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Fallout Roleplay Builds

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Fallout Roleplay Builds

Post by Corvo on Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:00 am

Show us your build! This topic is for roleplay builds among all Fallout games including but not limited to: Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4. A build is made up of (A) Starting SPECIAL stats and (B) the Perks this build character will focus on. Without mods, all Fallout games excluding FO4 have a level cap, Fallout being 21, Fallout 2 being 99, Fallout 3 being 30 and New Vegas being 50.

Optionally, builds can have backstories, personality, karma requirements, etc. It's all up to you.

I put this together because of course there's a lot of builds out there that people have put together but I'd like to see what GUN can create. This could be fun.

Fallout New Vegas: BoS Lyons Chapter Paladin (My Build)

Starting SPECIAL:
Strength: 10
Perception: 9
Endurance: 10
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 3
Luck: 1

- Skilled
- Trigger Discipline

Tagged Skills:
- Energy Weapons
- Explosives
- Guns

Main Perks before endgame:
Intense Training (+1 to INT)
Run N' Gun
Strong Back
Shotgun Surgeon
Fast Metabolism
Adamantium Skeleton
Life Giver
Tag! (Science)
Laser Commander
Nerves Of Steel
Ferocious Loyalty
Piercing Strike
The rest are up to you

Karma: Very Good, Good or Neutral.
Armour: Should wear T-45 Power Armor for this build, but T-51b also does the job if necessary.
Signature Weapons: Laser Rifle, Laser Pistol, Combat Knife and Frag Grenades OR Fat Man, Combat Knife and Frag Grenades.


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Re: Fallout Roleplay Builds

Post by IRORIEH on Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:57 am

My current build is a bounty hunter themed character based slightly off of Deckard in Blade Runner and with a little bit of a Spike Spiegel from Bebop.
I played the same build through Project Brazil, or at least the first part, which meant the character has a hatred for the Enclave, leading to some interesting reactions throughout the Someguy series mods that I'm playing him through atm. FCO mods courier race was awesome for this character, especially with the bullet hole and scars.
My Character Screenshot:
Specials I can't remember fully from the start, but they were heavily geared toward Agility and Perception, because my character focused on Stealth and Gun skills. Strength was somewhat higher than regular. It was something like
Strength - 6
Perception - 7
Endurance - 4
Charisma - 3
Intelligence - 5
Agility - 7
Luck - 2
I think that is close to how it was... I've had my Special changed a lot by perks and extras like Bobbleheads so that's just an estimate

- Trigger Discipline
- Wild Wasteland

Main Perks
- Cowboy
- Gunslinger
Can't remember all the others. Mainly perks that augment things like Pistols, vats and Melee too. Mainly small arms and stealth. He doesn't really tend to use heavy weapons or Rifles that much

Karma - Neutral, though swayed more to Good. Mainly things that are in his interest, though if he can lend a hand he will, so long as it doesn't require him to go too far out of his way.
Armor - Light Armor. Mainy the Mad Max armor from Heroes of the apocalypse, though others too if needed
Weapons - That gun mainly, though keeps a Bowie Knife or Chance's knife for backup. Uses frag grenades and mines too, mainly for traps

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Re: Fallout Roleplay Builds

Post by SentinelHunter on Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:36 am

One of my favorite builds has always been The Wasteland Knight. So usually heavy metal armors or power armor. And I'll use melee weapons (Shishkebab is my personal favorite) and only if really necessary a bolt action sniper (think crossbow I guess?). It could either be a dark knight or a noble and good hearted one. But for the purposes of this I'll do my noble knight since it's what I play most.
So as a noble knight I specialize in melee and charisma. I can't really remember what all I had but I'll describe what I can remember and then I guess you can tweak to what you think would be "Knightly".
Sorta Skills?:
So the things I just put into:

Traits I think
Wild Wasteland(Because Knights in fantasy encounter weird things)

First Perks
Lady Killer

Very Good
Hopefully I did this right. I don't have NV installed right now and can't check. While Fallout 4 is somewhat similar it doesn't have traits and such. Hopefully this I did this right.

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Re: Fallout Roleplay Builds

Post by Wolfclaw114 on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:23 am

First try of this i went into too much detail, so here it is compressed down

I normally try to play a mercenary with many skills so im not trapped to one option. If im playing a Female character i try to go for dark colours with slim suits like an assassin. If im playing male i try to wear a trench coat/duster if i can because i like the look. I chose the mercenary path because i like the theme, the exploration and danger, earning a reputation and becoming more skilled as time moves on. And as a mercenary your not stuck to a group, or stuck to rules that says what you can/cannot do.

Fallout 4:

The special i constantly use is

I believe these skills are a good mix, atleast for me, I have never really used luck in a fallout game and endurance i would leave low to improve other stats so that i can gain more abilities.

Pistols (Silenced if possible)
Sniper rifle
Assault rifle/Laser rifle (Either one is if in case pistols cannot do the job)

I play a mercenary who will do a job for caps, however he morally doesnt do bad/evil jobs if he can

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Re: Fallout Roleplay Builds

Post by BrittleAngel on Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:09 pm

I really like the NCR so normally if I'm roleplaying I play as a NCR contractor or nco.

Special wise
Strength - 7
Perception - 4
Endurance - 5
Charisma - 5
Intelligence - 8
Agility - 4
Luck - 7

Cos these special just fit my play style, the intelligence boosts my skills quick and smart characters are just the way I go.

Weapons wise:
Rifles and a sequoia when I can get one, ultimately I aim for the survivalist's rifle .

Armour - NCR green beret and mantle armour, NCR salvaged power armour if needed.


Alternatively roleplaying as an NCR military policeman on special assignment is fun especially with dragbody's NCR overhaul.


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Re: Fallout Roleplay Builds

Post by Sponsored content

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