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April 2018

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 What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?

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PostSubject: What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?   Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:22 am

In our many playthroughs of Fallout, we decided to play a character with a background that we created ourselves. We played as a NCR soldier, Enclave Remnant, BoS member, Legionnaire, badass bounty hunter, etc. Through all our playthoughs, we all had one character that stuck with us the most and gave us the fondest of memories. For me, it would have to be my NCR character. He is a NCR soldier that will fight for the NCR , but knows what is right from wrong from past experiences. He sees that the NCR brass is just filled with businessmen that don't really care for the well being of their army and just cares about dollar bills(or caps). He knows that the men and women that fight for the NCR truly cares for the better of Wasteland and wants to make it better. For my character, I had Boone as my main companion and a custom dog follower, and I did almost all the NCR based quests. During the Lonesome Road DLC, I made the missiles go to the Legion territory as this character hates the Legion with a burning passion. I would have to say I had some of my fondest memories with FNV with this character. So, what was your favorite character to roleplay as in FNV?

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PostSubject: Re: What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?   Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:16 am

My favorite FNV character was Junius. He was a tribal who was enlisted to the army of Caesar. At the start of the game, he would have the most basic equipment that any legion recruit will have. He will be thrown into the Mojave Wasteland, seeing the world as it truly is. Because of this, he would see the horrors of Caesar's Legion. However, he would not defect to the NCR since he also sees them as an evil in the world like the Legion, rather he would rise up the ranks to eventually kill Caesar with 23 stabs. Afterwards, he would go on and destroy the NCR and Mr. House and rule all of the Mojave. If you haven't guessed it yet, Junius is actually the second name of Julius Caesar's assassin, Marcus Junius Brutus.

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PostSubject: Re: What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?   Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:24 am

I have a few cool roleplays from my playthroughs. My best character was my LW from TTW/FO3 who was called Adam. He was a hero and savior of many town and cities, often using charisma skills to go for peace rather than violence, but often he would kill the evilest characters in the game like Eulogy and the slavers. He conquered the Capital Wasteland, Point Lookout and The Pitt, and launched the payload at the Adams Air Force Base like the East Coast BoS wanted him to.

After he was shot in the head, lost his sister(Ties that Bind mod), his Dad, his job and his equipment, he became my outlet for violence and rage. He stormed through the Mojave killing everybody and everything that got in his way. He didn't want a NCR Vegas, Legion Vegas, House Vegas or even a BoS Vegas. He wanted no order. No factions that would crumble at the sight of a bigger threat, and so, after he had killed Ulysses and launched the nuke at the Legion, after he had left Mr House with no technology to keep himself alive, after the NCR allowed him to join their ranks after he promised to take down the remains of the Legion, he betrayed the NCR and sent them fleeing out of Vegas with a trail of blood soaked into Independent lands, free from all order, for better or for worse. Although he did not want the Strip to live in chaos, so he appointed Yes man to rule over the Strip along with himself when he had time to.

From then on he just explored new lands with his dog and Cass.

TBH I'm not the best at names so I just picked a name from the top of my head at the time. Names don't matter that much to me in my RPs because my character are always badass shady mofos.

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PostSubject: Re: What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?   Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:44 am

I always found it easier to simply roleplay as the courier. Not because I'm not creative enough to construct my own backstory, more because I have so much respect for the Courier. The entire man of the road act, the many travels, the possible kid in Montana, the way he crafted a community in the Divide. The simple man who always kept moving from place to place, doing the bidding of others until he finally was tied down one place due to his own motives for once. A lowly courier tearing through wastes, irrevocably changing the lives of everybody around him through his persistent actions and determined soul. It's far more satisfactory to keep in mind the very character of who you are playing, keeping his past a partial mystery than it is making up a complicated backstory.
I've played as a mercernary who grew up under the training drums of NCR deserters always minded to fight for his fortune.
A former NCR Recon sniper who left the army in anger of the NCR, determined to make them pay for the corruption that ruined innocent lives, even if that meant fighting for the Legion.
An ambitious gambler wanting it all and bowing down to nobody in the quest to seize the New Vegas empire.
A troubled killer driven to madness by the wasteland, tactically eliminating everything that threatens his sorry existence until there is nothing but ashes.
Just to name a few.
Trouble is, those characters feel quite shallow after a while. There is no real substance in them, because we set out to carve their future into stone the moment we decided to create them. The Courier is a blank slate we can define ourselves far more than any original character we throw into the wasteland.

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PostSubject: Re: What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?   Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:16 am

The character I had the most fun playing as was The Joker Very Happy
I always play role-playing games with kind, carring and selfless characters. Playing as a demented mad man with a switchblade was a lot of fun and very different from how I played New Vegas before...

And of course, I've build an entire mod out of this XD ! Completed with a fully functionnal Harley Quinn companion, special gag ( or not ! ) weapons and a dozen of outfits XD !

That was one of the best playthrough I've ever had Very Happy !!!
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PostSubject: Re: What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?   Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:21 am

my favorite character to roleplay as is a former mercenary who was betrayed by a former friend because their was profit in it so i wander the waste looking for odd jobs here and there while being hunted by mercs from the rsa weapon pack which inspired my decision to roleplay as a merc
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PostSubject: Re: What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?   

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What Was Your Fav Character to Roleplay as in FNV?

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