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Fallout 4 Rock Glitch?

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Fallout 4 Rock Glitch?

Post by TheThompsonBoss on Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:37 pm

Yup, it's as strange as it sounds...So, anyway. Earlier tonight I created a male raider character and my game was perfectly fine. No problems, I exited Vault 111 with no problem and I played a few hours. Then I decided to do a character based off Tracer from Overwatch(I found a preset on the Nexus and Tracer's uniform here on the GUNetwork.), so I created Tracer and exit the Vault and what do I see? Rocks...everywhere! I think my whole map might be filled with them!

So, I reloaded the raider male save from earlier, left Nuka World, and then went back to Vault 111 and sure enough, yup. There were rocks everywhere. I don't get it. My game worked earlier tonight and I didn't really install anything new except update Azar's Ponytails and download and install the Oni Asian Parts mod for Tracer. Could that have caused it?

The only other thing I can think of is I accidentally clicked "Launch Fallout 4" on my NMM and it started up the Steam version(Not F4SE like usual), and the steam menu said it reset my setting. Could that be responsible? Any help is appreciated. I'll leave some screenshots down below.

PS: I know people are probably gonna tell me to uninstall Azar's Ponytails and Oni Asian Parts to see if that's the problem. And I will be sure to do that when I wake up. However if there is any other advice you can give I would be more than appreciative. Sorry if this post is also kind of clunky. It's 7:36am...I haven't slept. I'm going to bed now though.



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Re: Fallout 4 Rock Glitch?

Post by themrhalo on Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:09 pm

Not sure what is your problem, is there any mods that you have that might have caused this problem. There are mods where the issues don't show up until later, this may be the case of said mod issues. Try activating and deactivating mods until finally this 'rock' glitch stops appearing.
Really hope this helps.

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