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Delayed Greetings

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Delayed Greetings

Post by Vinizzle on Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:17 pm

So hey, I'm Vinizzle. As you can see from my profile, I made an account here a couple years ago and have not posted/been on since then and its quite a tale to be told of the reason why. Back then I was a big fallout 3/New vegas player and during my search for mods I came across some youtube videos that had a link to this place. Being the mod enthusiast that I am I quickly arrived and made an account to see what this place was all about. Now I only made the account and I don't think I even really looked around here.

The reason that happened was that my dad had been going to the hospital since the January of that year for some bacteria infection on his liver he picked up in Cuba or Argentina during a business trip. Long story short, he was getting better, then got worse rapidly and was hospitalized and during the two weeks there was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and died three days after being diagnosed.

Now that happened when I first made my account here and after that happened I forgot about this site completely and have not been here since. So that leads to me re-finding this place. I went mod searching for Fallout 4 mods that lead me to watching some videos which yet again had links to this site! It was quite the surprise when I was trying to make a new account to see that my email address was in use...

So anywho, I decided that instead of just getting my account working again and lurking I would at least say hello this time around and hope that nothing tragic happens this time around. :hellobig:

I wont go into too much detail about myself seeing as how it is already a giant block of text up there. I have 0 artistic talent, but I can draw a mean stick figure that usually has straight lines. I play pretty much every type of game besides horror but mainly play rpg's like fallout and elder scrolls games. I enjoy rts's like Starcraft 2 but I am mainly there for the story as I've always loved it since the first game came out, but I am hopeless in the multiplayer and I am certain I am in wood league division. I also play Warhammer tabletop games, both 40k and Fantasy.

And that pretty much sums everything up. Now if only there was an award for having the longest account creation date to first post date.... Dancey

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Re: Delayed Greetings

Post by John_570 on Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:10 pm

Welcome !! or shall i say Welcome Back ! Sorry to hear about those things that went on in the past but good to hear everything is going good now. Hope everything in the future is good vibes. Nice to meet you and hope you enjoy it here and enjoy your stay here Hello Hats Off Welcome

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